Ways In Which Snapchat And Instagram Are Sharing Future Of Video

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Video content is always the future when it comes to online interaction. You can even argue that it is the present. Over course of past decade or so, video views and uploads have already multiplied multiple times over and over again and users are starting to prefer video content more than any other medium. As per the projections made in 2017, that by 2018 around 69% of the internet traffic will be moving towards video content and that actually came true. Right now, users end up watching hundreds of millions of hours of videos on YouTube and other mandatory places like Instagram and Snapchat, on a daily basis.

So, there has always been that enormous trend, which has been pushing this power of video-based content marketing and it has been a major part of it now. Some pros might even recommend you to integrate video based strategies into content marketing campaigns, right from embedding videos in written posts to producing some standalone ones. If you are running a graphic design business on Instagram or Snapchat and want people to follow you, involving video content might work great. As content is king, so adding video to it will help out a lot over here.

Forms Of The Modern Concepts

Even when content marketers talk about the future of this video marketing, it is mandatory to visualize it informs and contests that it exists today. In reality, the video world is mainly undergoing some of the drastic changes. In long term, this video world is mainly going through some of the drastic changes. In long run, this is definitely going to be driven by major technology shifts like virtual reality. In the case of short terms, this source of video content is driven mostly by existing platforms.

The two most major platforms, which are using advance video as medium online, are Instagram and Snapchat. These two are the rising stars in the social media world as used for reshaping ways in which you get to interact.
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Why focusing on these two platforms?

There are few proven yet effective reasons on why IG and Snapchat are the forerunners in this field of video trends. You can think of YouTube to be equally powerful and better than less video focused FB as trend-setting giants. It is true to some extent. But IG and Snapchat have some advantages, which others fail to have. That makes them quite a pro in this video trending area.
  • The first one got to be demographics. There are more popular and bigger platforms available out there, to be honest, but IG and Snapchat have massive skew right towards the younger generations, who are the actual future. These younger demographics will mean that they get to introduce some changes in an easy way as younger people are less resistant to changes and better. They are trendsetters and the actual hipsters.
  • Age is another reason to consider. Every time FB pushes any change, even a minor one, there seems to be one backlash waiting against it. It is mainly because FB has been around for a long time and people are quite used to it. Snapchat and IG, on the other hand, are way younger and more agile whenever it is about making changes.
  • Flight or fight is another option to deal with around here. As the social media world is turning out to be rather competitive in nature, these two platforms Snapchat and IG, have proven to be much there and stand tall. They have worked hard and forced to be different from the rest. They are also working hard and striving harder to do more than just staying alive. So, you can get this point under the belt as well.
  • Mobile focus is yet another benefit, which makes IG and Snapchat perfect for the video focusing content-based platform. These platforms are predominantly used on so many mobile devices. As mobile use is always increasingly favored by most of the population, so any of the video based trends they spark or rather change can make it easier to adapt to.
With this current understanding, you can very well realize how these two platforms are able to take video content right to the next level.

Focusing More Towards Instagram

Mainly focused on the images previously, IG started to allow users to upload videos after some time. Right now, it has a doubling down on the strategy and planning to accept it well enough or supporting platform’s continued and then with its unprecedented growth.
  • The videos on IG were previously limited to 15 seconds. The time limit has to be the norm in social video creation. Well, right now, that limit has been extended from 15 seconds to a minute. This seems to be one big challenge than what appears on the surface.
  • Longer videos are in need of more support and bandwidth and video quality is one issue at larger scale. For resolving the discrepancy, IG will borrow a video streaming cache technology from a parent company, which is Facebook, for bringing these videos more efficiently to users.
  • Here, the file size has been reduced by around 15 to 20%, with the maintenance of a high-quality standard for almost any device. The things to watch out over here are quality and user interaction. Users get the chance to produce videos right after uploading them on IG.
With such visual nature, quality seems to the first-hand priority of the IG users. So, it is not going to be that surprising for you to see IG rolling out new video-based functions in recent months as a way to expand such advantages.

Start Using It Now

Unless you start using IG for your help, things might not work out as planned. You have to use the IG video content for your graphics business and see it grow to another level for sure.

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