5 Best Camera Apps For Android

5 Best Camera Apps For Android
Since the advent of common sense, people have been of the view of looking things from different angles. In 1814, Joseph N Niepce became the first man to take the first click from the camera hence materializing the above metaphor. Since then, the camera has been an integral part of preserving the precious and memorable moments that once were never been able to be stored but in mind with a vague sense.

21st Century has been a golden era for technology. Cameras that were once used to be carried by professionals are now in everybody’s hands mostly integrated into mobile phones. Recent development in cameras in cell phones has made developers come out with such applications that could enhance the camera quality and make the pictures catchier. Nowadays we find that there are two cameras integrated on a mobile phone; Primary or back camera and Secondary or front camera which is also known as Selfie camera. Following are the five best camera apps that took photography to another level:

Camera FV-5 Pro

Camera FV-5 Pro is the best camera app on Android’s Google Play Store. It comes in two versions; Lite and Pro. Lite version is free to download but to access full features, and pro variant costs some bucks. The best thing it provides is manual focus, focus lock but these features depend on the hardware configuration of the mobile phone. It also comes up with adjustable exposure, shutter speed, and colors. In short, developers have tried to provide DSLR Camera features in the app and this is what makes it the top app.

CAMERA Ultimate 360 app

It is one of the leading apps in Play Store with more than 500 million downloads and 4.5 rating. This app uses lens filtering system that enables to enhance pictures in intensity, exposure, and color. There are numerous filters made available that can be applied before or after taking a picture. This feature gives users a choice to use any desired filter they want even before they click. Its selfie camera mode is excellent, enabling to adjust skin tones and give interesting effects.


Retrica is one of the pioneers in camera app development. It is completely free to download. It provides its users more than 100 filters of differing intensities and contrasts. It is very simple to use. Its prominent features are collage formation, blurring effects, and vignette borders. Due to its simplicity and versatility of features and more than 100 million downloads; Retrica finds the third spot on the list.

Manual Camera

As the name depicts, this app offers manual focusing that envelops manual and infinity focus. Just like other apps user can adjust exposure, effects, color. It has quite a user-friendly interface and is relatively simple to use. What makes it outstanding is its size. It occupies just around 2MB’s of storage space. Its con is that this app isn’t free on Google and App Store meaning you got to pay to use.


Last but not least is the Prisma app. It was firstly launched on App Store, but after proving a hit, it was also made available for Android users. It has a 4.2-star rating with 7 million downloads. The best thing about Prisma is that it offers filters and effects like no other app does. They are modern yet contain orthodox touch. The effects used are taken from famous artists and world famous patterns and styles. The app is free to download, but the biggest demerit of this app is that it doesn’t work till the user has internet connectivity making it an online app.

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