What Font Should I Use For My Designs: 5 Principles

Font Should I Use For My Designs
If you are looking to enhance the beauty of your document, website, logo or any object, you should know that what type of font should be suitable with that element? The attractive formatting style and a perfect sized font will improve the entire composition of your design.

There are many advancements in designing webs and building mobile applications. Many visual entities are used for promotions and advertising. These creations may be in the form of shapes, symbols, signs or fonts.

The font has a significant role among these various forms. It is a complete brand identity and representation of your business goals. Many expert designers are even confused while selecting the type of font or formatting style.

Typography plays a vital part in the achievement of a perfect design. Selecting a perfect font for your script is an immense success for every designer.

It doesn’t as easy as it looks like; sometimes it takes years of experience to take a feel of detecting the exact font for your design. Many designers have defined their own set of typography psychologies while applying the types of fonts. Some of them are using firm rules from different studies, but actually choosing the right typeface is a combination of both of these analogies.

Here are five major principles for picking and using the accurate fonts for your designs!

How To Select A Font For Your Design? – 5 Principles

Fonts are the most important element in design which represent your business goal. The designer combines different shapes, colors, and many other visual objects to form a complete end product. The invented image may be a complete enterprise to express your brand personality but the most significant entity is the style of text; it should be a nail in the coffin for its design. That’s why many modern brands are cautious about choosing the font for their business designs. There is a huge list of fonts available but Gucci Font remains the best font from all.

Nowadays many customers make assumptions in their mind when observing your brand logo. It is important for designer to think that what should be the reflection of your brand to the customer when he or she viewed your logo and its font. Your font should instantly give a perfect impression and a feel of your brand identity. Expert designers can control the emotions and perceptions of the customers, so designer should select a typeface which perfectly matches with your business goal. An important aspect is how can you choose the accurate typeface for your design, here are 5 main principles used for this purpose:

1. Select The Right Category Of Font

Typefaces are available in different categories and select the accurate font for your text is the primary point to consider. You should keep in mind your business goal and customer requirements while selecting the font for your design. If you choose a perfect font identity according to your product, you will definitely see better response from your viewers. You can modify any typeface according to your own choice but all the fonts will fall in three different categories:

i. Serif:

Serif Font is the most classic and traditional typeface. The formation of this text is a tail at the bottom of every character. If you select this font, you will find a trustworthy response from your viewers that why most of the financial companies adopted this typeface for their text. Times New Roman, Georgia and Courier are the most popular instances of Serif Font.

ii. Sans Serif:

Sans Serif Font is also the oldest and reliable typeface for many years. It gives a clean and smooth reading sight for its viewers. The characters of this typeface are of cutting edges like you can notice in Arial Font. Most of the top tech companies like Google or Amazon adopted this typeface for their designs.

iii. Scripts:

Script Font is known as the most fancy and gorgeous typeface. Many fashion and food brands adopted Script font as their standard text. It gives an exciting and imaginary look of the brand and touch the emotions of the customers. Many modern age firms design their company logos in script typeface.

Now after knowing the families of typefaces, you should have a good idea about the dimensions of fonts. The most appropriate thing for designer now is to build a sketch or a pattern in their mind about the shape of text. While selecting the category of font the design should also keep in mind the type of targeted audience. The designer may select 2 to 3 different font styles in a logo. The number of typefaces in a single image also depends on the length of your text.

2. Font Should be Legible

Designer must consider the readability of the script as a whole. The typeface you select should be legible and clear in reader’s point of view. The designers first take a look at their text and honestly asking themselves that how effortless and easy it is to read. If people devote spare time to know what have written then they get bored and don’t appreciate your design.

Many people don’t like to read the scripts, they just focus on the visual contents. So, it’s the responsibility of designer to make the text so attractive and readable to drive the attention of customer towards their business goal.

The designer should also avoid the fancy fonts as it will strain the reader’s eye. For example, the text of Vivaldi font is beautiful but it is difficult to read. The uppercase and lengthy text also require more time to read, so the designer should consider them too while choosing the font.

The text should also be broken into small size chunks so that the sense of your every goal of designer should easily be understandable. Like a good designer, who can adjust the whole brand story into a single logo.

3. Consider the Context and Audience

Initially, the designers shape the entire framework into their mind before sitting in front of computer system. They know the business goals and customers’ predictions of their enterprises. So, it is also important for them to choose the identical typefaces for their designs. The Designer should take into account the whole context while selecting the style of the script.

The designers should also think about the targeted audience while picking the style of typefaces. To identify the interests, attitudes and beliefs of audience and to integrate them with your design is also vigorous for designers.

To sum it all up, the designer should know that the context has a great effect on the audience.

4. Combine and Compare Multiple Fonts

The idea of using multiple typefaces gives an inspiring look to your design. But it will not be impressive if two of these fonts look identical. The similar fonts will definitely clash your whole design. So, while selecting the fonts, the designer should take care of resemblances into their mind.

The design should be restricted to total number of fonts. A perfect design will be not more than 2 or 3 different fonts. Any entity with more than 3 fonts looks inconsistent. The total number of typefaces in a particular design depends on the length of the script. The ultimate choice is to select a generic font for the brand name and another fancy font for its description or remaining text, it’s a pick of the designer to make sure that different typefaces should complement each other. Nevertheless, most important point is how the designer distinct multiple fonts into a sole impressive brand identity.

5. Meeting Industry Expectations

It is not only important that how your design look like rather more significant is that how it feels. So, it is extremely significant to consider that the typeface you select for your design should match with that particular industry.

The consumers only glance the enterprises to which they are looking for. So, the designer should also deliberate the client’s expectations and business goals of the company while choosing the style of its typeface. The designer should choice such dynamic fonts for its company logo that it stretches the sensation of entire brand to the consumers.

Final Thoughts

Once you have considered the above mentioned five principles, you will definitely get the idea of how to select, understand, apply and mix the types of fonts. These facts will help the designer to pick the accurate font for its design.

Nowadays there are significant achievements in technology and people are focusing only on the visual objects. Type of font in any document, logo or website have a great influence on audience and is a complete representation of your business. Typeface is a key component in whole composition of any design. The perfect selection of the typeface in a design has a massive impact on any marketplace.

As I mentioned earlier, whether you are adopting these particular principles or any other philosophies you must have a feel of determining the right category of typeface. When you are going to implement the text into design and you pick a font that perfectly suits on your brand identity, you have won half the battle!
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