The Digital Transformation In The Time Of COVID-19

The Digital Transformation In The Time Of COVID-19
The COVID-19 pandemic required governments to order people to stay at home to keep the virus from spreading. However, the tight restrictions affected people's activities and business operations. During the onset of the pandemic, people were only allowed a limited period for essential activities. These included going to work, buying groceries and medicines, and going to the hospital.

But thanks to advanced technology, life during the pandemic became easier. Online platforms and mobile applications have made online classes and remote work manageable. Also, advanced delivery systems have made delivery services more convenient for people.

Here are some pandemic-driven technological innovations that will shape the future:

Online Educational Platforms

Educators are creative in providing distance learning to students. Most schools use video conferencing platforms like Google Meet and Zoom. Teachers also use Bitmoji classrooms to make online learning funwith its colorful backdrops and cute avatars.

The majority of students are active on social media. Thus, teachers take advantage of YouTube and TikTok to provide educational content. Google Drive and Dropbox are also used as a library of files. This is where they share educational materials. Meanwhile, teachers and students use group chats for more accessible communication.

Contactless Deliveries

Food deliveries using bikes, cars, and motorcycles are in these days. But did you know that you could have your burger and fries delivered by drones and robots in some countries?

i. Drones

The use of drones dates back to World War I, with the U.S. and France developing unmanned airplanes for military purposes. However, drone features and drone accessories have improved over the years, so much that drones are now used even in commercial deliveries.

Imagine ordering your burger and fries through a smartphone app. Imagine having it delivered to your doorstep by an efficient drone. A drone can deliver even stuff from Federal Express, Walmart, or Dairy Queen! Some of thewell-known drone delivery services are Alphabet Wing in Virginia and Flytrex in North Dakota and North Carolina. It's even more in demand now during the pandemic. It's not only safe butalso efficient because it avoids traffic. Drone delivery only costs $6 to $10, even cheaper than car delivery services.

ii. Robots

Giant delivery service provider DoorDash has launched its food delivery service using robots. Its robots can carry up to 22 lbs of food package, locked in its compartment to keep it secured. Delivery location is pinned, and it travels up to 4mph, perfect for short-distance deliveries.

When the robot arrives at the pinned location, the customer receives a message with a link. The link is the key to unlock the robot. The robot also has cameras attached to it for DoorDash to track its travel.

These robots do not only make it safe for both the company and the customer. Companies can also cut costs on manpower.

iii. Vaccination Deliveries via Drones

Imagine having to send relief goods and vaccines to a community that is three mountains far.

In Africa, Ghana is the first country where drones were used to deliver COVID-19 vaccines. In July, 25,000 doses of vaccines have been delivered so far. They keep the vaccines in specialized packaging. It is essential to prevent breakage and to keep the right temperature. The drone then drops the package at a certain height. The health workers in the area facilitate the vaccination.

This does not only make sure more people get vaccinated, even in remote communities. It also fast tracks the process and cuts cost, time, and resources for the government.

Everything Online

These days, almost every process is available online. Do you want to buy a house? You don't have to meet your broker. You can apply for a mortgage loan online. Do you need to send money to your family in another country? You don't need to go to the bank to deposit. You can transfer money with a few clicks from your phone. Are youapplying for a job? You don't need to go to your company's building. Your HR specialist will do your job interview via Zoom. Do you want to watch a concert? You can do so online.

Thanks to technology, daily activities can be done with a few clicks nowadays. These contactless transactions do not only make it safer for all. While this shift to online transactions limits human connections, it's what works given this difficult situation. It makes life in the pandemic more convenient and easier. And for all we know, it might just be the new normal once this pandemic is over. We can even expert more advanced technology coming to us these days.
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