The 3 Most Effective Ways To Use Video For An Ecommerce Site

Ways To Use Video For An Ecommerce Site
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If that’s true then how many words is a video worth? Video is a very powerful medium for marketing and needs to be part of every e-commerce shop owner’s strategy. Not only does it do a great job at getting the word out, but it is a fantastic tool to give the customers a unique buying experience.

Not only is video a good idea, but it’s also become a necessity. Without it, an ecommerce store is going to have an uphill battle getting their brand out there and be able to compete.

In this article, we will go over several ways that video should be used by an ecommerce store and not just for marketing purposes.

1. Tell The Brand’s Story

Copywriters have been trying to tell the story of their brand for decades now. And words are a great way to do this. Video is far better at it than any written copy could ever be, however. When it is done right, of course.

When a visitor lands on the store website, there should be a professionally made video that entices somebody to start watching. Miami-based video marketing company Zipinmedia is an expert at creating a video that will engage visitors and keep their attention to be able to tell the story of the brand.

Since there is a lot of competition and people have a wide variety of choices, they would rather shop with a brand that they identify with. These videos help them feel a connection to the brand instead of just clicking a few buttons to make a purchase that is devoid of any human emotion.

A well-made video makes the visitor want to purchase again and again from your store because it makes them feel like part of a community or movement.

2. Increase Conversions

It is increasingly difficult to grab a site visitor’s attention for very long. It is essential to be able to draw them in right away and lead them to purchase. Usually, it can take a few visits for a visitor to come back and make a purchase. Mainly because they need to research on their own to understand if the product can actually solve their problem.

Having a video do all of this work increases the conversion rate as it gives a good perspective on how the product works. When people click away without making a purchase it is mainly because they aren’t sure if the product is right for their problem.

For instance, if the product is a bidet then somebody might not be sure if they are going to be able to install it in their bathroom. Or, they might not understand how it works. A video is a great way to show them the benefits and gives them a visual idea that is far better than trying to explain it by text. When they can see for themselves how it works then they are more likely to be convinced and ready to make a purchase.

Within the video, there should be a clear call to action to click and make a purchase. Luckily there are many ways to embed this interactivity into the video itself for a seamless transition to a purchase page.

3. User-Generated Content

People tend to trust others like them when it comes to buying a product. This is the reason that unboxing videos on Youtube are so popular because it is an unfiltered look at the product by a real person.

Allowing users to submit their own videos is a powerful way to add credibility to your product. While it’s nice to have a polished video for increasing brand awareness because it looks professional, there is always room for unpolished videos from users. Cynical consumers are wary of overly polished sales videos but trust one that looks like it was made by their neighbor.

Not only are these good ways to increase conversions but it is also free content. Many website owners spend quite a bit of money on videos and on content overall for the shop. This is free and powerful at the same time.


There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to building a successful e-commerce site. Attention to detail is essential and involves doing a lot of testing. Take some time to test videos and see how it works for your shop. It may take some tweaking but once you settle on the right approach, video can only help.
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