The Complete Guide To Creating Instagram Videos

Guide To Creating Instagram Videos
Instagram Videos are one of the effective ways of marketing strategies. Besides photos, videos let you present content in long-form, visually detail-oriented.You could present videos in five formats, Instagram reels, Live, IGTV, Stories, and in-feed video posts. Making use of all these formats to publicize your brand lets you reach potential customers. Video marketing is not just for big companies but also for smaller brands to gain more opportunities and build their reach. Hence, It is good to utilize videos and not get lost somewhere. Video content tends to have a 38% higher engagement rate than photo posts. To expand your business and gain a large audience, you have to post creative, eye-catching content. Let us learn ways to create powerful videos on Instagram.

1. Use Inspiring Texts

Make a video with texts that's inspiring, funny, or educational, etc. Publishing the same content with an image wouldn't have a significant impact compared to videos. Followers just scroll through their feed mindlessly without glancing at the photo post, but with the podcast video, its positive content remains in the minds of followers. Text videos are easy to create and lets you connect with followers online.

2. Create Meme

Instagram memes are a great way to jumpstart your engagement. A meme is a group of images and texts put together funnily or cleverly. Since memes are relatable and shareable, they help you promote the brand, its mission and engage hard-to-reach audiences. As memes are humorous, it creates closeness with your audience since they can relate to your meme and everybody loves it.

3. Post Interview Podcast

Instagram offers immense ways to display brand identity. Posting creative videos tend to receive automatic Instagram likes, which attracts the attention of more and more people who are excited about your market. Do you want to promote podcasts? Share a sneak peek of the upcoming work, behind-the-scenes of your business, make a tour of your workplace, interview a team member. it is definite to obtain engagement and build your brand's visibility.

4. Speak Out Your Brand Story

Developing a persistent and remarkable brand is vital to establish your online presence. Instagram video offers marketers to share their brand's personality to a vast and targeted audience. Every brand could make use of specific video tactics to leverage high-quality content. Posting videos that got inspired by your brand could make your target audience trust your company.

5. Put Up A Trailer Of New Product Launch

If you’re launching a new product or putting the word out is an arduous task for marketers. An ideal way to launch a new product is by posting a trailer of your upcoming work on Instagram. Shoot a short commercial video that highly persuades the audience. An excellent way to get them excited is posting a teaser campaign; it acts as a reliable tool to grab the audience's attention and build hope. Sharing products visually in long-form enables followers to purchase Instagram.

6. Showcase Existing Products

Your target customers may not know what's on your list, so broadcast your products to many people instead of them having to search for them, which leads to increased engagement. A famous restaurant creates videos to popularise its menu items. If someone were checking out for a lunch spot, they would come across a tempting video posted by a restaurant and consider visiting their place.

7. Spread A Word About Sales

When your business has a strong presence on Instagram, keep your followers updated on upcoming deals. Upload a video of exclusive sales that you offer on certain products. It helps spark engagement. Make short videos and grab the audience's attention with just the first few seconds of the clip.

8. Shoot Demo Videos

Uploading product demonstration videos are a perfect way to invite new audiences to your profile. Make sure your customer wants to walk away after watching your video; it could be to make a purchase, subscribe, educate something, or brand awareness. For example, a beauty brand demo would demonstrate how its new concealer looks. The model starts with a no-makeup look to show viewers how her face changes realistically after applying it. Let us know more about ways to create and upload such videos on Instagram.

To create a video on Instagram, click on the plus icon at the bottom. Next, select a file from the camera roll or take one on the go. You could record a video by sliding over to the Video tab to the center record button. Release the hold; you will now see the recorded video on the display screen. Later, you can select a filter to enhance your content, those eye-catchy filters you think that suit your brand. Once you have selected filters and applied them to the video, you have to click the “Trim” tab to trim the unwanted part in the video and paste sections together. After that, you could choose the sound for your video. The mega speaker button at the top of the video lets you turn off the sound if required. Later, you can move to the cover tab to select a cover frame before finishing.

Once you have selected a cover, you can replay how your video will look on the feed. Instagram takes you to the next screen, where you can add captions, location, tag people, and post to other accounts. The last step is to upload your video by clicking the share button; your Instagram video now appears on followers' feed with applied filters and cover frame. While editing videos, make sure to blend themes that come along with your brand to attract audiences and attain high engagement rates. You could take advantage of plenty of editing tools available in the market to make your video stand out from the rest. Always make sure you use correct video dimensions, shoot videos with a good quality camera, editing with well-planned settings in mind.

Video Requirements

Instagram videos were only 15 seconds when it was initially launched in 2013 and appeared only in feeds. Now, you could take videos in different formats, and each has defined specifications that best work for it. Instagram allows one to present videos in five types, Instagram reels, Live, IGTV, Stories, and in-feed video posts, where each has defined specifications based on how you post content.

Shooting videos on Instagram is pretty easy whether it is an iPhone or android mobile; it has a built-in resolution for video. iPhone mobiles and Android nine mobiles use 4K and 30 and 60 fps dimensions for Instagram. Instagram, a mobile-based application, recommends phones to have a 9:16 size ratio. Let us know some size resolutions for different video formats on Instagram:
  1. Landscape: Min resolution 600*315
  2. Square: Min resolution 600*600
  3. Vertical: Resolution is 600*750
  4. Carousel Resolution: Min resolution 600*600, maximum resolution 1080*1080
  5. Stories: Min resolution 600*1067, recommended resolution 1080*1920
  6. IGTV Video: Min resolution 720, recommended resolution 1080*1920

If you're posting a podcast preview or a product launch to in-feed, then Instagram makes use of any landscape, square, and vertical format. You have to make sure your video meets requirements like file type, aspect ratio, minimum resolution, maximum file size, maximum length, frame rate. Instagram Live and stories make use of landscape video format. Stories and live videos also need similar requirements to upload videos. IGTV offers you to make videos of longer duration with a full-screen view; it could be an upcoming product review or live stream with followers to have FAQs sessions, etc. It is possible due to the duration of 60 minutes video and landscape format. Square videos are a great choice as it occupies the screen without black borders enabling viewers engagement. If you want to have in-feed video posts on a glimpse of products and some highlights from other accounts or spotlight a staff member, then square videos lets you do the satisfying job with a firm aspect ratio.

Compress Videos For Instagram

Reducing the size of a video file makes it comfortable to post and stream faster. Typically, compression tools reduce media size before uploading; it automatically removes some portion of the video that leads to a loss in resolution and quality of the video. Lossy compression and lossless compression are two compressions used to reduce big media files into formats like mp4 and windows files.

Lossy Compression: In this type of compression, the software removes duplicate photos or audio from the video to increase videos effectiveness, making your content a little small. Suppose your video contains a ten-second clip of repetitive objects; it will remove the first four seconds of it.

Loss-less Compression: In this type of compression, it creates a file similar to the original one, due to which you won't lose the content. Lossless doesn't impact the size of the file and is best suited for small video files.Some lossless formats are Windows Lossless,Apple Lossless, Free Lossless.

When you want your video to have excellent quality, you need to use a free lossless audio codec as it won't let you lose quality.

Hope this in-depth guide will help you create excellent Instagram videos.

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