How To Determine If Domo Consulting Is Any Good

Determine If Domo Consulting Is Any Good
Selecting the right business intelligence technology is not easy. But before you try to get your hands on technology such as Domo Consulting, you must find out whether it is the right fit for your business.

Domo has become a trusted BI platform backed by the leading experts in the industry. Find out below if it can work for your business.

Understanding The Platform

Data is vital for any business, but you need the right tools to analyze it and glean useful information out of it. Arranging data in the form of tables, dashboards, and analytics helps you get quicker insights and make better business decisions.

Domo Consulting helps clients make their data more manageable with its data visualization platform.

Is Domo Right For Your Business?

Domo is better suited for those who have some experience with Business Intelligence programs.

Unless you’re willing to invest some time to learn all about this tool, it may be a bit confusing for you to get started. But, once you get the hang of this tool, it will prove very useful indeed.

The Domo platform is the preferred tool for many, so what makes it stand out?

Emphasis On Action

Domo dashboard is geared to provide action-oriented details. At a glance, the dashboard shows you analytics and what they imply. The alerts page shows you all conversations you need to know, and it's easier to tell the alerts apart when they are color-coded.

The dashboard can also be customized according to each different position so that each employee only receives relevant information.

Strict Data Governance

As the world becomes digital, it is crucial to understand what it means for your sensitive data and private information. Businesses and apps track you at all times and are privy to your private information. Hence, it is vital to know whether your data is vulnerable to prying eyes.

The Domo platform handles this issue expertly by allowing users to encrypt and decrypt data across levels. Permission levels such as Personalized Data Permissions (PDPs) enable users to restrict access to a specific level of employees. Thus, Domo helps businesses secure their data proactively.

Faster Collaboration

No one has time to check their emails anymore and respond later. Hence, Domo facilitates team collaboration with the help of an in-built Buzz application, which can be used for instant communication. Send messages, pictures, audios, and more, and receive replies instantly.

Buzz is an excellent addition to Domo as it reduces the need to use other apps for communication, and all details are available across a single platform.

All-Inclusive Tool

It’s not just the addition of Buzz, which makes Domo an all-inclusive tool. The tool features everything from Analyzer to online resources, pre-built applications, and mobile collaboration tools.

With Domo Consulting, you never have to worry about missing out on important information. The app stores all the data you could need to run your business successfully.

Business Intelligence tools can be helpful, but picking one can be tricky. Domo may be the right choice for your business as well. Ensure to take some time and thoroughly review this app before making your decision.
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