Do You Have Five Minutes To Transform Your Email Marketing Campaign?

Five Minutes To Transform Your Email Marketing Campaign
If you only had time to change one thing about the way you conduct email marketing, what would it be? What would make the most impact on your CTR? In this post, we’ll examine that question and let you know what the answer is.

If you have time to change more than one thing, then check out the EveryCloud infographic below. It’s packed with a bunch of useful tips and statistics that can help you boost your CTR significantly. But for now, let’s stick with that one trick. What is it?

Drumroll, please. The answer is to stop sending every email to every person on your list. I can almost hear some of you frowning. After all, email marketing is a numbers game. The more emails you send, the better the results.

That seems like a sound assumption. And it is certainly advice that we’ve heard before. Ten or twenty years ago, it was great advice. Back then, people weren’t receiving a deluge of marketing emails every day and spam filters weren’t nearly as vicious as they are now.

Back then, people were subjected to less security awareness training. They opened their emails without fear and had fewer to deal with. Now around 205.6 billion emails are sent a day. We’re getting bombarded by marketing from a range of different sources as well. As a result, today’s consumer is somewhat jaded.

They don’t mind ignoring an email that they feel has no value for them or that isn’t relevant to them. If your business is sending out the same generic email to everyone on the list, how is that ensuring that they’re relevant or even valuable to the subscriber?

Send too many emails and, at best, your subscriber is going to start ignoring them. They might even decide to unsubscribe, or worse still, report the messages as spam. None of these outcomes does your CTR much good.

So, the step you’ll take today is to work out what promotion you want to run. Who is the ideal target for that promotion? What features of that ideal person could you use to discover a subset of clients to market to?

From there, move on and divide up your subscriber base into these different subgroups. Then create the perfect message to appeal to each subgroup. That’s the best way to improve your email marketing success.

And, yes, it will take a little more effort up front. But the payoff is significant. First off, you’re proving to your clients that you do know them. Even if they don’t take you up on this offer, they’ll be receptive in future to more emails from you. So, even if you don’t win today, you do win tomorrow.
Five Minutes To Transform Your Email Marketing Campaign
This infographic is shared here after a legal permission from EveryCloud.
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