25+ Common SEO Mistakes That Are Killing Your Website [Infographic]

Common SEO Mistakes That Are Killing Your Website
Search engine optimization is the key that can help boosts your site’s traffic and rankings. Without it, it is difficult to increase your brand’s visibility online. More importantly, SEO helps improve user engagement, which, in turn, can help boosts your conversion rate.

However, if you are not aware of the latest changes in the world of SEO, then you are bound to make mistakes. This could very well jeopardize your brand’s credibility, leading to a poor user experience. Thus, while it is important to know about the best SEO practices, it is equally important to be aware of the SEO mistakes to avoid.
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Top 5 Worst SEO Mistakes To Avoid

1. Over-optimization of Keywords:

Stuffing your web pages and blog posts with targeted keywords, is the worst thing that you can do. This could lead to a high bounce rate on your website as well as lead to a penalty from Google. Thus, this is one mistake that you got to do away with. Instead, make use of LSI search terms if you have to improve the keyword density on your pages/posts.

2. Slow Website Speed:

Another common SEO mistake, faster website speed is a must if you want to retain your customers and improve the site’s dwell time. Slow load time also leads to a high bounce rate and this could affect your site’s bottom line.

3. Not Having a Responsive Website:

Having a mobile-friendly website is mandatory. With a high percentage of users making use of mobile to browse for information and to shop online, not making your website responsive could lead to loss of potential traffic. Plus, it could affect your site’s ranking. Thus, this is another mistake that you need to rectify post-haste.

4. Not Updating Your Website Content:

Just like write high-quality content is important to boosts your site’s rankings, similarly updating your website’s older content is essential too. Older content is the gold mine that can drive traffic organically to your site once it is updated. So, make sure that you optimize your site’s older content by adding new links, removing redundant information, adding new keywords, updating meta tags etc.

5. Missing Alt Text For Images:

Did you know that you can get a good amount of traffic from image-based search engines like Google Images? That’s right! Thus, ensure that you add descriptive ALT text for all your images if you want to gain more traffic.

These are the top 5 worst SEO mistakes to avoid. There are a few more that you need to rectify immediately and the below infographic can help you identify them. So, check it out now and for more information, read this guide that explains in detail how to fix common SEO mistakes.
Common SEO Mistakes That Are Killing Your Website
This Infograph is shared here after legal permission from Hosting Clues.
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