Netgear Wireless Router Configuration Guide

Netgear Wireless Router Configuration Guide
Netgear wireless router offer the connections to multiple computers to the internet through the external broadband access like DSL modem or cable modem which is normally planned to use by the single computer. But some of the people struggle to configure the Netgear wireless router so here the complete guide of the netgear wireless router configuration.

How To Upgrade The Firmware

Netgear router web interface is vary between the models even the firmware versions also vary so first and foremost people have to check whether the web page say at the top Netgear smart wizard or Netgear genie. It is really important to confirm that whether the router is running on the latest update and software or not. In case the Netgear router uses the “Netgear genie” software then follow the below steps
  • In a Netgear genie wizard choose the advanced tab.
  • Left sides of the page navigation button are there then click to expand the administration.
  • Finally click the “Firmware update” and click the Check button to make sure for the new firmware version on the internet.
  • So follow the onscreen step by step instruction to update the firmware new version.
If your netgear router uses the Smart wizard then you have to follow the below steps to update the newest version of firmware
- Under the maintenance at the left navigation panel Router upgrade is there so click the router upgrade button.
- To make sure the internet firmware update click the Check button and follow the instructions to install the new firmware versions.

Configuring The LAN Settings

Once you update or install the new version of firmware then it is time to change the administration password because someone might be hacking your router. So avoiding such kind of problems try to give the password as more unique and including the more symbols is one of the easiest way to protect your computer form hacking. Sometimes there is a possibility to hack your router with the help of the IP address.

Netgear router uses which are configuring in the factory default so the hacker can easily guess the IP address. So it is easily control your router in the way of malicious web content for that reason VERT suggests to changing the LAN which is less guesses by the hacker. If you want to change the LAN address then there are three ways of private IP address are there like to to to

So it is the best way to allocate the LAN IP address to the Netgear router setup and if you are using the netgear genie software then
  • Choose the advanced tab and expand the set up button then finally click the “LAN setup”.
  • Enter the new values of the IP address and write it down for the future reference.
  • Finally click the Apply and acknowledge the notification which you have changed the IP address and after router reboots then confirm the access of the new IP address and Check the DNS settings.
In case your router use the Smart wizard software then
- Choose the LAN setup under the advanced tab and enter the new IP address in the TCP/IP section.
- Click Apply and wait for while if the device is reload and finally confirm the router is access for the new IP address.

How To Configure The Wireless Security Of Netgear Router

Most of the VERT router security suggests that choose the router which are protect under the internet based threats. Most of the routers are configured in the insecure WIFI protected setup protocol and the WPS is the easily connect your home internet by entering the Pin. So people have to disable the WPS connection so your Netgear router configuration is secured. At the same time VERT suggest the WPA2-PSK with the AES using the high confidential passphrase when compared to the bad passphrase is the IP address which is known to the every router user who is monitoring the connection of the device or setting up the LAN network connection. With the help of this IP address administrator could enter the router setting page like broadband user or D-Link.
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