Smart Video SEO Tricks For Improving Your Search Rankings

Smart Video SEO Tricks For Improving Your Search Rankings
Video content witnessed an unprecedented growth during the last few years. It is, therefore, a good idea to explore how SEO could be added to your videos to impact your rankings. The video seems to rule the online world. It is virtually everywhere and that serves to be both a blessing, as well as, a curse particularly if you are trying to occupy the top slot on SERP. Here are some smart tips to leave your competitors way behind.

Add Value To Your Content

Your content has to be relevant to your target audience otherwise; the entire exercise is a sheer waste of time and makes no sense. You should add value to your content so that viewers would be convinced and interested in devoting time to watch the video you have shared. You must try using high-quality video to build a relationship of trust with your audience. This way you could boost conversions.

Host The Video Content To Your Precise Domain

If you are generating video content for boosting your SERP ranking then remember hosting the video to precisely your own domain. This is necessary for ensuring that search engines do not divert traffic elsewhere. Furthermore, it could be a smart idea to create one new page every time you are sharing a new video content. This would make indexing much easier as per Google. Contact a reputable SEO agency Mumbai for all your SEO solutions.

Create Good & Interactive Content

You must consider adding some essential interactive features to your videos for activating the viewers. There are many effective ways of enhancing your videos to make them more engaging and interactive. You need to infuse an interactive element to your actual content, a caption or an annotation, whatever ways you think right. You may consider splitting the video into a number of shorter clips. This would allow viewers to choose whatever they wish to watch. This strategy has worked wonders for many successful campaigns.

Optimize With Appropriate Keywords

Do ample keyword research. You would soon be able to identify the most relevant and appropriate keywords that are just right for your target audience. You have the freedom to explore all possibilities and experiment using different keywords. Focus on creating intelligible and descriptive content to boost your SERP ranking and to help your audience. Use shareable content that would be appreciated by your audience. Your content should be creative and unique to reach a broader audience. Remember that your video would steal the show by the sheer high quality of content.
Smart Video SEO Tricks For Improving Your Search Rankings

Include A Video Transcript

A complete video transcript is nothing but your video’s written version and it could be pretty effective if it includes some of the appropriate keywords that would help search engines know more about your video content. You could consider including a transcript of your video’s audio portion or include it in your description box. Do not forget to add the page’s HTML. This would be helping search engines to locate your content.

Generate A Video Sitemap

A video sitemap is effective in providing all the essential data regarding your video content and all relevant details required by search engines for getting a vivid idea of its context. A video sitemap is a good way of presenting the video’s description, subject, title, duration and some specific information indicating facts such as platform restrictions, country restrictions, expiration dates or live streams.


There would be countless ways of applying search optimization for video content. However, quality is the key to success as always. Remember that content is most definitely supreme and would be grabbing the audience’s attention. Optimization would lead to appreciation by giving you a higher ranking on SERP. Start by generating a top quality and relevant content and then follow the above-mentioned tricks to win the show.

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