5 Best Places To Find New Android Apps

5 Best Places To Find New Android Apps
So, you downloaded a New app yesterday from a site or app store and it sucked hence you uninstalled it. The same scenario goes on and on and you waste the most precious thing i.e. your “TIME”.

Want to find the best android apps here’s what you should do:

Google Play Store:

5 Best Places To Find New Android Apps
Who doesn’t know about this place? Every Android device comes with the play store app installed. This is the best place to get any android apps including the new ones like casino.com app and you can find in google play store. casino.com app there is a verity of online slots games that you can play online. Well! It is the most intelligent app store, it shows you the best and also new apps based on your previous downloads and searches directly on its home page. Also it categorizes those apps ad also shows the updated versions of your previous installs.

Google just not only categorizes apps on the basis of trending and top downloads but also rates them on the basis of its own ratings. These apps can be found under the “Editor’s Choice” button. This is where you will find the best apps rated by Google’s Experts, this feature also saves your time of search the best app of a certain category.

Amazon App store:

5 Best Places To Find New Android Apps
The Amazon app store has a funny rumor about it, that if an app is a highly paid on Google Play store then there is a 50 % chance for getting it free on Amazon app store. Well, I don’t know about that but there is a free app of the day feature there which I’ll explain in the last.

For developers it’s a good place to release apps as they get 70% paid on the list price of app or in in-app purchases. This will also help us find new apps as developers will be publishing those app here more frequently. So getting the amazon app store should definitely be on your list, if you’re a newbie lover.

Also the “Free app of the Day” feature makes it more interesting. Every Day a paid app (most probably a new one) is made free for users of the store which will definitely have a good percentage of downloading, and also the app gets a promotion for the developers.

These features make it the 2nd best place to find new apps for android users.

Get Jar App Store:

5 Best Places To Find New Android Apps
The repository of apps here is huge. It is almost like Google’s play store as it has employment of user comments in User reviews and can also be connected to Facebook and show you likes as well as dislikes from there. Also it has a cross platform for apps for iOS, Blackberry and Windows.

It also has the Amazonian touch here of providing premium apps for free but in a different way. If you use its suggestions and download tailored apps you’ll get rewarded with premium apps. Again this feature attracts developers and you can discover new apps here very easily.

This app has over 50 Million Users so it’s a good place to search for new apps. Having these features we have rated it to be the 3rd best place to have new android apps.

Slide Me App Store:

5 Best Places To Find New Android Apps
Slide Me is also has a variety of apps and good filters to discover the best apps. The best thing here is that it has all tested apps which relieves our worry for malware.

Developers here have a greater revenue than other app stores i.e. more than 70%, which also proves that you’ll have a greater chance of finding new apps.


5 Best Places To Find New Android Apps
Besides being an android suite (PC to Mobile software). It also has an app market of its own. It has a so called intelligent recommendation system for suggestion of apps to users. This will definitely give you a better suggestion for newer apps.

Since, it’s also a suite it has a file manager to manage your downloaded apps.

The only downfall is that it comes with unwanted ads in your browsers i.e. if you install it you’ll have ads popping in your Internet browsers. And the fact that the best antiviruses have blocked it for good. The reason we haven’t included images.


Well, the thing is that whatever you app store you go to in the above mentioned you’ll have the opportunity to discover new apps the only thing is that the place where developers will find the more revenue will release their apps there and we have a greater chance of getting new apps.
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