Why Mobile Marketing Is The Key To Your Company's 2016

Why Mobile Marketing Is The Key To Your Company's 2016
A big part of success in the business world is learning how to create your entrepreneurial image, not just for yourself, but also for your company. Mobile marketing not only helps reinforce that persona, it also helps to deliver it, piece by glorious piece, to the awaiting world. Learn how mobile marketing can help catapult your company to the next level in 2016, with wider audiences, more in-tune consumers, and a profit-loss statement that you can truly be proud of.

Social Media Is Reaching The Pinnacle Of Penetration

In the marketing world, penetration refers to how many people are using a particular product or service. According to some sources, Facebook now has a market penetration of about 50 percent, meaning one out of every two mobile users in the major global markets uses Facebook. That's pretty impressive, especially if you're a business thinking about advertising on Facebook or YouTube (and you should be) – note, too, that more and more people are signing into these sites via their smartphones. Time to dial up and tune in, it seems.

Couponing Is Cool Again

No, we're not talking about hoarding Sunday papers and clipping until your scissors beg you to quit. Deal hunting in 2016 is all about digital delivery, and businesses are starting to catch on. You can put product coupons on websites that service as clearing houses for consumers looking high and low for the best prices, but the smart bet is on SMS coupons that businesses put directly in consumers' hands. Opt for a QR code with extra information like product reviews and inventory status, send last-minute deals based on a consumer's proximity to your store (more on that in a minute), or launch a service with a flash deal subscribers only have to click on to redeem.

Content Is King, But Local Content Is The King's Hand

Pardon the Game of Thrones reference, but no apologies for the message: local-based ads and SEO are influencing things more than you might realize. Mobile marketing really can help drive sales, and one way to do that is by targeted consumers according to their location. Offering check-in deals to entice consumers into your brick-and-mortar location is one example; peppering your website and blog content with local keywords like "luxury jewelry Fort Lauderdale," or "Mexican restaurant 44070" are a few others. There are lots of ways to build up your local mobile marketing efforts – the important thing is that you actually do it.

Search Is Declining, App Use Is Accelerating...

... and believe it or not, the two are linked. Paid search is still dominating digital marketing, but growth has slowed in comparison to other sectors like video and social media; there seems to be a trend towards self-encapsulated sites, where consumers enter the webosphere via one URL and stay within that framework for hours at a time. Who hasn't gone to YouTube to look at debate coverage and found themselves looking at their 87th cat video with no idea where the time has gone? What might seem like bad news for businesses who don't profit from Youtube-like sites can be a positive if they're willing to create a branded app. Consumers already spend the majority of their mobile time inside mobile apps, why can't it be yours?

The average adult in the U.S. spends about 3.7 hours per day on their mobile devices. Smartphones and tablets don't just captivate their owners, they also deliver a captive audience to companies looking for exciting and efficient ways to reach the people for whom their products and services are best suited. Mobile marketing is the key, and with the information about you finally know how to use it.

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