Graphic Design Trends 2016

Graphic Design Trends 2016
Graphic web design is something that rapidly develops. Last year we all have witnessed the emergence and strengthening of really promising trends, such as the parallax effect when scrolling, flat user interface, and adaptive design. All these trends are already powerful enough; nevertheless, in 2016 most likely they will increase only. So what to expect in future?

The future of web design in 2016 probably won’t bring us anything radically new. Rather it would be a year of strengthening of the upward trends and withering away of the descending ones. Even today we must accept the facts that a) innovative technological developments inevitably affect the design methods b) web developers’ importance is constantly growing, as they inspire designers to create unusual solutions, distinguishing them from other professionals.

Let’s check the basic design trends that will be in a spotlight in 2016.

Adaptive Design

It's not just a rising trend – it’s is an industry standard and probably the most powerful of the tendencies. According to Google, the number of users from mobile devices has been increased up to 50% by the end of 2014. As for the youth, the percentage is even greater. Therefore it is becoming increasingly important to adapt your website to mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and other gadgets. The typical elements of design are large buttons, easy access to menu, convenient arrangement of information on the screen. An effective adaptive design should provide the same convenience for all visitors, regardless of devices they use.
Graphic Design Trends 2016


Infographics is now all the rage. In 2016 this tendency will grow into a real art. Despite it can be used for different purposes, the key point is to make difficult information easier to perceive and catchy. Most likely brands will seek to display their data even more creatively, with the help of user-friendly interface and innovative approaches to facilitate the process of understanding. Infographics will become an integral part of the brand, providing entertainment to consumers.

Parallax Effect

Parallax effect is used to provide users with better interactive experience, as well as makes content more visible, bringing it to the forefront. Parallax will be used by all scrolling-based sites, adapting all the contents of pages to scroll paradigm.


Personalized user experience is the feature that can give mutual benefit both to a business and its clients. Web designers do care about the content, and personalization is the first thing necessary to identify the interests of a particular user and the whole audience.
Graphic Design Trends 2016
The relevance is a key value of web content. In 2016 brands will use the knowledge about personal preferences to build the online environment that reflects the branding strategy and immerse users into the universe of the brand. Web designers will be interested in creating a sense of continuity and will provide a truly relevant content to their users. Brands will continue to analyze to gain an understanding of how users behave on the site. As for the designers, they will create solutions for further personalization.

Ghost Buttons

Ghost buttons are transparent (sometimes semi-transparent) buttons of square, rectangle, circle, or rhombus form. They have nothing except the frame and inner text. Typically, these buttons are slightly larger than normal and are located in the center of a screen (or in other prominent places).

Ghost buttons free space, contribute to a better perception of the information contribute, and create conditions for the expansion of the designer’s repertoire. They also have animation abilities, which makes them great instrument for designer’s fantasy. Check out how ghost buttons are used at logo design.

Full-screen Background Images

Large and high-quality images is a trend that has became too popular. Everyone uses background images, and it’s a little bit annoying. In 2016, designers will save large headlines with a unique typographic design, leaving the background blank. By getting rid of the large images they will definitely improve websites’ speed and performance.

Flat Design

2016 will be a year of minimalistic design with flat design appropriate only. By the way, this type of design ideally fits mobile devices, providing a clear position and structure of a page. Sure, it’s not an innovative concept, but Google has recently introduced a completely new kind of flat design – a material design based on visual metaphors, important movements and semi-bold charts. In 2016 the flat design could look quite differently – we can’t know exactly how – but still it will be with us.
Graphic Design Trends 2016

Tilted Interface

Look at Pinterest and feel the advantages of titled design. It’s a classical approach that will be popular in 2016. It may even become a standard practice to organize information by creating an uncluttered and functional layout. Tiled interface not only looks great – it’s also functional, with a specific structure ideal for call to action, e.g. purchasing a product.


In 2016, fonts will be as important as the other visual elements of the site. Companies should have a single typography in order to maintain brand’s consistency on different marketing platforms. Brand will consider such type of investment as a worthwhile one. The fonts will become the new bearers of the style, urging brands to think carefully before settling on standard Times New Roman or Arial.

Background Videos

Unlike background images that seem to be annoying, backgrounds videos will become the focal point of the overall design strategy. It is expected that they will become a new and very exciting environment, which will be used to create a particular atmosphere on the page, and will help to bring the mission of the brand.

Drawn Illustrations

Drawing images/icons/backgrounds adds uniqueness to the site and reveals the creative potential of the brand. Retro and vintage get back in fashion. This trend is not new, but it works. If your site is aimed at B2B, it’s a great option to tell a unique story of your offer.
Graphic Design Trends 2016

Calm 2016

Generally, one can’t say that 2016 will be an explosion in the world of design. The same trends that we have seen over the past few years remain relevant, while some new features appear.

P.S. Sure, blind following the trends should not be a major factor when choosing the right website design. Only an individual solution tailored to the specifics of a particular business can be an effective tool for promoting a company.

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