Discover the Magic of the BlackBerry Classic

Discover the Magic of the BlackBerry Classic
The signature design of BlackBerry is kept by BlackBerry Classic and has great keyboard and runs Android apps. 3.5-inch display is very small in age of big screen phones and inept square aspect ratio affects various activities except editing and composing text.

It was initially known as Q 20. Its 3.5-inch display is slightly larger than Q10s but keeps square720x720 –pixel resolution. Phone is 2.8-inches wide, 5.1- inches tall and 0.4inch thick. Phone boasts of BlackBerry design. Full length of phone is bordered by stainless-steel frame providing the device style and strength. Volume controls and mute button are on right side. Slots for SIM card and SD card are on left side. SD cards up to 128GB and nano-SIM cards are accepted by the phone. Except for BlackBerry logo back is bare but has a grippy texture giving nice hold.

It has four rows of keyboard that makes it cramped display. Layout is similar to that was there in Q10. Three rows of keys are along width of phone and smaller fourth row is beneath it. Every key is in shape of little ridges and the depressions which helps in accuracy in typing. Keys offer nice click after every press and gives you confidence in typing.

Utility keys like Call, Menu, End and Back are below the display and do what they claim. Optical touchpad is in centre and performs as cursor which allows you to scoot around documents and websites. This makes it simple to select batches of emails to tweak en block or reams of text. It also provides shortcut keys. You can assign own shortcuts for particular apps or contacts by pressing any key.  Use Amazon India coupons 2015 for buying this mobile online.

Discover the Magic of the BlackBerry Classic
BlackBerry Assistant assists you in getting the work done swiftly. Software remains the weakness of platform and though it supports Android apps, you are restricted to what is available on Amazon Appstore. BlackBerry World app store is also there. Square aspect ratio will be bigger problem because many Android apps look odd in square format. can help you but this amazing BlackBerry at a good discount.

BlackBerry Assistant works like Google. It does the task given. If you are in meeting, you can type request. It boasts of BlackBerry Blend which is like command center to BlackBerry users.  Yu can write BBMs, emails, text messages and respond to all your messages right through and check calendars and contacts. This will be time saver when there is no connectivity but you want to be productive. CouponDekh has the collection of all the latest coupons and deals applicable on it.

It is powered by dual-core Qualcomm8960 paired with 2GB RAM there was hint of lag as I triaged email or snapped the photos. I also ran into lag while firing Android apps and games like GT Racing 2 served choppy frame rates occasionally. Phone provides 16GB storage space. Call quality is superb and phone is rated 17 hours of talk time and 13 hours video playback. The usage involved lot of messaging, web browsing and writing. 8-megapixel camera at the rear takes reasonable shots if there are enough light and steady subjects.

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