10 Best Useful Run Commands For Windows Users

10 Useful Run Commands Of Windows
Windows Run Commands are such an awesome, helpful and amazing stuff that normally users don’t take any interest to know about them. Mostly Windows users use Control Panel to manage Windows setting, updates etc in their operating system. But Windows Run Commands is one of the best way to do mostly similar work quickly that you can do with Control Panel. Run commands have many features and benefits. If you know about them then you can make your life on Windows easy, I mean you can do your work more comfortable and easily than before.

There are lots of users that haven’t enough time to find or search everything about Windows. So in this situation, Run commands help to do their work and save time. You can find or go to any folder directly without using mouse. Just type a command which is shown below and save your time. Basically, my aim to publish this article is just that normal users who are not professionals should use run commands while using Windows. Simply, I want to glow awareness about Run commands, that’s why below I shared few basic and very helpful commands. By using them, everybody can save his time and do his work quickly.

What is Run?

Before sharing my collected list of run commands, I would like to define shortly to the Run. Because there may be such users are reading who aren’t well aware about it. Windows Run commands is used to directly open an application or document whose path is known. It functions more or less like a single line command interface. In the GNOME interface, the Run command is used to run application via terminal commands.

10 Useful Run Commands Of Windows

For applying Run commands, you need to open the Run first. So to open Run in Windows, go to the Start and in search type run and press enter.

10 Useful Run Commands Of Windows
After pressing enter, a dialog will be open that will Windows Run. You can see an example in below image.

10 Useful Run Commands Of Windows
If you don't want to follow above procedure then you can also go to Run directly by pressing WIN+R buttons.

Now let's start. Here is list of very useful Run commands of Windows that can help you make easy your Windows in running. I have already said that by using these commands you can go and find directly that you want. You don't need to get any panic.

1. mrt

10 Useful Run Commands Of Windows
mrt is a finest command of Run. Almost after an every month, Microsoft releases newer version of Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool. You can download or update it via Windows Updates. Basically, this tool helps you in cleaning some of the most popular malicious software from your Windows computer. This tool runs silently in the background but if you want to run it manually then use this Run command.

2. firewall.cpl

10 Useful Run Commands Of Windows
firewall.cpl is a Run command that helps you to go directly to Windows firewall setting where can manage or increase Windows security. You know what on the internet most of the stupid and spam things are here and on the internet specially today, most hackers and scammers are active to perform their illegal activity and they are trying to make fool you and want to enter in your computers via internet. So in this situation you must need to active your Windows firewall. By using this command you can go directly to Firewall setting.

3. sysdm.cpl

10 Useful Run Commands Of Windows
Whenever if you want to go your Windows Properties then use this Run commands. sysdm.cpl helps you to access to the System properties of Windows where you can manage or check your PC performance and can also edit your Windows setting like name etc.

4. hdwwiz.cpl

10 Useful Run Commands Of Windows
If you ever need to check your computer's hardware details and performance then must use hdwwiz.cpl command. It helps to open your Windows device manager directly where you can easily check your system hardware detail and can check hardware performance too.

5. powershell

10 Useful Run Commands Of Windows
powershell is another useful command to open Powershell. Basically, PowerShell is a tool that's intended to replace the Command Prompt and deliver more power and control over the Windows operating system. That's why we decided to get a taste of PowerShell and then explain to all our readers what this tool is, why it is so powerful and who tends to use it more often.

6. \

10 Useful Run Commands Of Windows
One of another command is \. It basically helps to go directly to C-Drive. So if ever you need to go directly C-Drive and you don't have your Mouse then press 'WIN+R' and type ' \ ' in Run and press enter. From this way, you will be reached to C-Drive of your Windows.

7. msconfig

10 Useful Run Commands Of Windows
If whenever your Windows has become slow at startup and if you want to make fast again then don't panic. It's due to the programs that is opened at start up automatically. A solution of it is simple. Just type this command in Run, i mean msconfig and press enter. I dialog will open here you can easily manage your startup programs and can close or open at your Windows startup according to your wish.

8. wuapp

10 Useful Run Commands Of Windows
wuapp helps you to directly access to your Windows Update settings. If ever you want to reach up to the Windows Update setting in pressing a button then type this command, it will help you to directly reach to the Windows Update menu. Where you can check or update your Updates of Windows.

9. powercfg.cpl

10 Useful Run Commands Of Windows
You can easily reach to the Windows power setting by using this command 'powercfg.cpl'. Most laptop users, power settings need to be changed frequently. That's why sometimes they become in complex. So if want to reach directly to power setting then use it.

10. ncpa.cpl

10 Useful Run Commands Of Windows
ncpa.cpl also helps to access to the internet connection setting. You can reach to the Local area connection setting by this command. Where you can manage your internet setting and can edit or check too.
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