How Much Does It Cost To Build An Online Rental Marketplace?

Cost To Build An Online Rental Marketplace
Finding a fantastic technological solution that benefits their company in the market is every entrepreneur's ambition.

However, some people struggle because they lack the skills necessary to construct a comprehensive product, while others lack the money needed to build the platform from the ground up. This ultimately causes delays in launching and setting up the firm.

Entrepreneurs must be completely knowledgeable about creating an online rental marketplace in order to overcome such difficulties.

You may get a summary of creating and constructing an online rental marketplace platform for your company here.

Let’s Understand What Is An Online Rental Marketplace!

An online rental marketplace serves as a meeting place for tenants and owners of goods, services, or real estate.

The platform's administrator and owner will be compensated with a commission from both renters and rental property owners.

Creating An Online Rental Marketplace In 5 Easy Steps

Building a reliable online rental marketplace platform for business owners involves 5 phases!

  • Step 1: Identifying the platform's business model
  • Step 2: Developing the revenue model.
  • Step 3: The workflow is mind-mapped
  • Step 4: Limiting the functionality and features.
  • Step 5: Verify that the platform development for the rental marketplace is affordable.

Now let's examine each of these processes individually.

The Business And Revenue Model Of Online Rental Marketplace

Cost To Build An Online Rental Marketplace
The aggregator business model is increasingly being used by online rental marketplaces. It establishes a conduit via which tenants and owners of real estate, goods, or services can communicate.

Entrepreneurs select the commission-based revenue strategy to supplement the aggregator business model. The platform administrator will receive a commission from any bookings booked through the site.

And at the conclusion of the deal, the rental owners receive their earnings.

The Working Of Online Rental Marketplace

  • When looking for a rental, the user enters the desired location and dates.
  • The platform provides a detailed breakdown of the rental cost, including the service charge, daily rates, etc.
  • The customer pays the rental fee and submits a reservation request to the service provider.
  • The booking request is seen by the service provider, who either accepts it or rejects it.
  • The user hires the items on the specified dates after receiving confirmation of the booking request.
  • The operators of the online rental platform get the user's payment for the rental fee. Owners pass the balance to suppliers of rental properties while keeping their service fees.

Top Features Of Online Rental Marketplace

a. For Renters:

Advanced Search Page And Filters

With advance filters, the user can narrow down the search results and find the listing they are looking for. The search options make it easier to locate a listing quickly.


It is the method for enhancing reservations.


Customers can receive expedited payment processing with Stripe Transfer by integrating Stripe.

b. For Property Owners:

Seasonal Pricing Calendar

The seasonal pricing function allows the service provider to establish varying prices for their goods.

Request To Book & Instant Booking

The owners of vacation rentals may designate their listings as "Instant book" or "Request to book." In contrast to the request to book option, which sends a booking request to the service provider prior to making a reservation, the instant booking option enables end customers to make reservations immediately without doing so.

c. For Admin:

Auditing Of User Messages

The platform owner can audit the messages that are transmitted between providers and end users. This feature can help the owners understand the situation and what happened.

CMS or Content Management System

The platform owner can change the existing material on the website or add new pages using a content management system.

Auditing Of User Reviews

The reviews posted by users and providers on the platform may be deleted or edited by the platform owner. The amount of false reviews that users publish is reduced thanks to this functionality.

Block Users

If the owner of the online rental platform discovers fraud while using the platform, they have the right to prohibit any user from it.

Multi-Currency & Multi-Language

You can combine multi-currency and multi-language to expand your company's market outside your immediate neighborhood.

How Much Does It Cost To Create An Online Rental Marketplace?

Cost To Build An Online Rental Marketplace
Creating an online rental marketplace from the start will cost more money and take more time than buying one that already exists.

It will cost between $10,000 and $25,000 (plus a service fee of $40 per hour) to build an online rental marketplace from the ground up.

On the other hand, when you outsource a developing team, a ready-made solution only costs $3000, including the white labeling fees. Adding new features to the platform will cost an extra $25 per hour.

Things To Consider Before Setting Up An Online Rental Marketplace

1. Preventing Fraud

Like any other kind of commerce, rental marketplaces may draw con artists or undesirable actors. You should request identification documentation and conduct other security checks when creating a profile because you want to provide a safe and secure rental marketplace and to safeguard your platform against any harm.

Once more, make sure you inspect and validate any product or property listed for rent on your platform. With the help of these techniques, you can succeed in your rental marketplace venture without facing difficulties.

2. Attracting Clients

The main goal of creating a rental marketplace is to attract as many clients as you can as your company expands. Don't merely lure potential clients into your rental marketplace, though. Instead, provide them with the answers they seek. These are the solutions that will persuade people to sign up for your rental marketplace without hesitation. It could be reasonable pricing or other features you are aware your customers need.

3. Be Aware Of Competitors

You should be aware that a lot of competitors are already well-established in the rental marketplace industry, and they continue to achieve even greater success.

Some Widely Used Online Rental Marketplaces


The first company to offer an online rental marketplace was Airbnb. They entered the market first and have remained successful ever since. The most desired structure of Airbnb is their business model. To aid entrepreneurs, numerous software development companies are creating a clone script of this type.


FlipKey is an online marketplace for vacation rentals that was established in 2007 as a website for listing vacation rentals and house swaps. The organization joined TripAdvisor in 2008. The corporation claimed to have 300,000 properties in 179 nations as of 2016.


Users can borrow automobiles from owners on this peer-to-peer car-sharing website for a fee. Elliot Kroo, Jessica Scorpio, and Sam Zaid founded it in September 2009.

Takeaway For New Entrepreneurs In The Market

It's actually alluring to consider starting an online rental marketplace. There are numerous rivals in the rental e-commerce business, but there are also many niches to fill. Marketplaces for rentals like Airbnb have made significant progress in a short amount of time. As a result, it is regarded as the pinnacle of success in the very competitive rental app market by the whole sector.

It makes sense that it encountered a variety of difficulties, but each one was resolved with a decent amount of digital quality.

The key to developing and launching a robust and adaptable rental app model is overcoming all obstacles, such as scalability, overhead expenses, and creative features that enhance the user experience.

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