How Does Marketing Funnel Influence The b2b Sales: A Helpful Guide

Marketing Funnel Influence The b2b Sales
The marketing funnel is the strategy of brands to guide their potential clients for their first-time purchases till they become the loyal customers. The b2b sales funnel or pipeline is the plan set by the marketing team of any organization to attract buyers depending on their interests. It invites them to know the business and once the business provides them benefits, they subscribe to it, and later same identities become dedicated clients.

The term ‘funnel’ is used in the marketing procedure as a cylinder which narrows down in steps and finalize the result by producing the devoted customer. The b2b sales and marketing funnel filters out the people, in the last the purchaser remains. It has three parts which are Tofu, Bofu, and Mofu.

First layer Tofu: Top Of The Funnel

The tofu known as the top of the funnel is the first layer of marketing funnel. It is the awareness sector, where general people look into your product since the advertising content attracts them towards your site. It is a big pool with tons of people looking for basic information or solutions for their problems. 90 out of 100 persons do the product research before buying that means if your b2b sales funnel strategy is planned well, most of the actual buyers will reach your address.

Most organizations plan their content with the help of social media, For instance, an interactive blog, quizzes, videos, emails, etc. The great thing about the current century is the technology development; internet is the largest source of product marketing, and plenty of potential customers are looking for specific stuff that can be your business.

The Second Layer: Mofu

The mofu is called mid of the funnel; it is present under the first layer tofu. The purpose of mofu is to filter down the audience that was gathered in the first layer of b2b sales funnel. The target customers are present in the following marketing funnel. The people have certainly observed the content at first and looked for the answers to their queries. It is the crucial moment where the marketing of the product is possible. It is the time, when a brand can confidently advertise about the service they sell as it is problem-solving for the people. Once they are hooked on the content, you can bring the stuff that requires a subscription.

The Bofu: Third Layer Of Marketing Funnel

The Bottom of the funnel also known as bofu is the excellent layer. In the third and final sector of the b2b sales funnel, you have the best leads that are interested in the business with your brand, and ready to purchase the goods. They may compare your services with others but looking for the right deal. If the corporation team offers them deal that is favorable for both parties, it is likely that they will buy from you. In the bottom stage, a firm has best time to showcase the details regarding their product, tutorials, advantages, features, etc. A smart way is to go for a free trial or demo of the services. It will finalize the funnel work by bringing sales.


A marketing funnel plays key role in gathering the potential customers by filtering them through different stages.
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