How To Utilize Negative Space In Passionate Logo Design

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Logo Design is the most dominant element for organizations that intend to build their digital presence. Logos dares to represent the company’s entire image and gather the organic traffic to elevate lead generations. Almost 80% of organizations go for colorful logos for their brand recognition.

There is another most creative element in the logo design that is called “Negative Space.” Lemonade Films and NBC professionally introduced their logos with the perfect use of negative space. Regarding color psychology in professional logo design, 2 - 3 colors are enough to embellish the company’s name.

The article dares to reveal the essential techniques to utilize the negative space logo designs dynamically. The more you know about the best usage of negative space in the logo designs, the more your logo will shine out professionally.

What Is A Negative Space?

Negative space in the logo design is the space around or between the subject of a logo design. Negative space could avail apparently, and it mostly appears in every logo or drawing. The best example of the negative space is the RUBIN’S VASE. The other example of a negative space logo is FedEx. FedEx has won 40 design awards just because of its creative logo under the negative space elements.

Why Is Negative Space Vital In Logo Design?

Negative space can make your logos more dominant, engaging, and attractive enough to grab gazes. A good designer can use negative space logically and creatively to make their design more captivating. Negative space dares to elevate the brand image in the digital world.

1. The Creativity Inside A Letterform

There are countless brands whose logos undergo the letterform and represent the negative space features. The letterform is covering the logo niche under various brands such as Mcdonald’s and Netflix. Every brand name has an initial letter. Designers can utilize the negative space by subtracting the logo image without breaching the brand’s initial letter.

Let’s Assume The Perfect Example For You

If a brand name is ROCKET, the R of the Rocket is the initial letter of the brand’s name. Designers should use a rocket symbol inside the R by subtracting it while keeping the R with an entirely superior design.

2. The Wise Use Of Shadows

It is another tip of negative space regarding the shadows and their strength in the logo design. Shadows could be the most significant elements as it dares to make your logo designs more aesthetic and creative. Shadows allow the designers to utilize the shadows and produce more robust logos that could be recognized from the actual distance of the symbol.

A straightforward drop shadow element can make your logos blurrier and hazier. Nissan used the shadow scheme in their logos to make it more creative and dominant. 3D logo symbols demand more shadows and silhouettes under the negative space logo designs.

Let’s assume the perfect example for you

Let’s consider a 3D square box in your mind placed in front of the bright light. One side should be vibrant and glowing, and the other side should be full of shadow. The shadow behind the pointed light area is your negative space. Designers mainly use shadows to make their logo symbols more creative and dynamic.

3. Negative Space In A Wordmark

Some designers dare to create robust and creative images in words or letter marks. It is the most innovative way to utilize the negative space wisely in the logo design process. It mostly sounds so catchy and easy, yet designers can face difficulties and spend hours creating the process.

Wordmark logos are famous in the digital industry and augment the negative space criteria in the logo designs. Wordmark covers the brand’s real name and image, primarily based on the logos. Logos represent the company’s image and dare to boost their sales pace under the negative space factors mainly found in the big brand’s logos. FedEx has utilized the negative space in its logo. FedEx is the name of a brand, and the “ARROW” represents and augments the brand’s strength under the negative space elements.

You can produce the logo and avail the negative space by silhouetting a logo image into the wordmark or reversing text again from a logo image under a wordmark. Designers also avail the colors in the negative space to make their logos more colorful, bright, and catchy. It can provide more impactful logo designs.

4. Reveal The Space With Shapes

Design is useless without purpose because it has the power to change the entire imaginative thoughts. The design has various shapes and shapes and is an essential part of logo designing as it constantly undergoes multiple shapes and designs. Only creative graphic designers dare to produce something charismatic and alluring from simple shapes to create imaginative and splendid logo designs by utilizing the negative space.

Let’s Assume The Perfect Example For You

The most creative and dominant example of availing the negative space is the F1 logo. The ingenious designer Carter Wong uses the negative space on the right side of the 1 to illustrate the company’s fastest and powerful message.

The color combination is black and red under a white background, where black “F” indicates audaciousness and power, and red represents the speed marks under the negative space perfectly. This is how creative designers communicate the audience via their innovative logo designs, even with the negative space.

5. Creative Symbols Within A Shape

Symbols within shapes while utilizing the negative space are rare but deadly enough to stop the eyeballs. The most dominant and creative example of the symbols within a shape is a Pittsburgh Zoo logo. The logo reveals the company’s entire message smoothly.

Let’s Assume The Perfect Example For You

If you dare to look closely at the logo, you will find a tree. Why would the tree explain the company better? The logo is not finished yet, you can see close to the space around the entire tree, and it forms a Gorilla on the left side, and the right side shows the lioness under the silhouettes. The designer creatively utilized the whole negative space under the tree and produced the best logo design ever.

Wrapping Up The Intelligence

There are countless companies and thousands of logos in the entire world. Any company should not underestimate the power of the perfect logo design, especially if it’s under a negative space process. Only logos can make your brands stand out to make them more unique and creative enough to pierce the hearts. In a digital world full of logos and corporate vision, brands need strong brand awareness and identity to shun all the digital hurdles and grab the gazes. Anyone can follow these fantastic and out-of-the-box tips to carefully utilize the negative space in logo designs to get the creative logo for their organizations and brand.

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