The Hidden Features In Google Pixel 2

The Hidden Features In Google Pixel 2
The world is all about the smart phones now and since every company is launching their own smart phone brands, how can Google stay back? Earlier this year, Google launched a new smart phone Google pixel 2 or Google pixel 2XL. The smart phone has exceptional features that no other android phone has. It has 8.0 Oreo software, it is aluminum coated from the back and has glass covered screen from the front and its storage options include 64GB and 128GB. Many people have bought this phone but are yet unaware of how to use it properly. If you want to know more about the usage, advantages, and defects of smartphone usage then we have a resolution to your problem because “JnJ mobile” has done a review and presented all the useful knowledge in an infographic, which you will certainly find very helpful for everyone. This following article would inform you with the hidden features in Google pixel 2 so that you would understand its usage in a better way:

1. At A Glance Widget:

The Hidden Features In Google Pixel 2
Widgets are an important part of your phone. They help you reach your apps in an easier way. Many phones have different widgets that help them manage their phone activities. Unlike many phones, Pixel 2 has an ‘At a glance widget’ feature at the top of your home screen. This feature allows you to visit your upcoming calendar events, weather details, any alarms or such things. You can change your settings by long pressing the blank part of your home screen and choosing the home settings option, then go straight into the at a glance widget folder.

2. HDR:

HDR or high dynamic range is a feature that is usually found IPhone, which is one of the reasons that an iPhone camera is much different at capturing a picture than a normal android camera. Pixel 2 also has HDR settings that you can turn on and they give your picture a special and unique effect. You can also turn this feature off if you like by going to settings and then advance option.

3. Motion Photos Feature:

We all are aware of IPhone’s exceptional feature of live photos, android users envy IPhone users because of it but they don’t have to worry now because Pixel 2 has the same feature with the name of motion photos. This feature helps you capture beautiful photos with a little bit of action so when you capture a picture, you can remember what it felt like at that time!

4. Oreo Dark Theme:

The Hidden Features In Google Pixel 2
Recently twitter and YouTube released a new ‘dark theme’ update that made your background black and it looked so cool! Now you can do the same with your phone! Pixel 2 introduces the Oreo software which has a dark theme option. Go to the quick settings shade and your apps tray turns dark which looks cooler when you interlink it with dark wallpaper.

5. Pop-up/Floating Navigation:

Have you ever been bothered while you’re walking to a particular place and you have to turn the Google maps on your whole way and get bored until you reach your destination? Well, now you don’t need to worry! Pixel 2 has a pop up navigation system. You can locate your destination and use any other app, the Google map would shrink at the top of the screen and you can follow the direction while using twitter/Facebook etc.

6. Search Settings:

Sometimes it so happens that you’re looking for a particular thing/setting but you’re unable to find it, in pixel 2 you have a search settings option that makes your searching task easier for you. Whatever you’re looking for, this setting would help you find it. Just clock the settings menu and click on the magnifying glass and search for whatever thing you want! It really helps.

7. Free Up Storage Space:

Pixel 2 has another feature that helps you clean up your storage in an easier way. Usually, you have to see which application or which photo/video you don’t need in order to clean your storage and make some space but with Oreo software, your phone gives you a list of things you can remove that you either may have backed up or you don’t frequently use, so you can remove whatever you want and have free storage by the end of the day!


These were some exceptional features of the new Google pixel 2. They will make your phone easier to function and use. So if you but a pixel 2, now you can easily use it without any hesitation! I am sure you will definitely love this article because it has all the important information you need to know about all the hidden features of Google pixel 2. We will provide you all the answers related to this article. So stay tuned for more informative and knowledgeable articles.

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