Top 5 Free Android Apps For Medical Students

Top 5 Free Android Apps For Medical Students
Despite the point of perception of some old-school-minded perception, modern technologies facilitate our lives significantly. Among other aspects, this includes our careers and our studies. We use apps not only for entertainment but also for work and academic purposes. Using apps you communicate with each other, they help you make complicated calculations, work with texts and multimedia, they can help you write a term paper and get the rest of the necessary materials for your studies, and even keep you in touch with your professors at all times.

Today we would like to illustrate this with the example of apps for medical students. Here are our top 5 picks of apps (in no particular order) that significantly facilitate the life of a medical student:

1. Medscape

With over 5 million downloads and the rating of 4.4 on Google Play, this is one of the most popular apps in the world among not only medical students but also practicing doctors and nurses. It presents a unified source of medical information of all sorts – diseases and conditions, drugs, the latest news in the field of medicine, but it is not limited to that. It also offers mobile educational courses in medicine, so that you could instantly update yourself or catch up on any medical topic of your choice. A medical calculator is also here. Going into detail, its main perks include (but are not limited to):
  • News: FDA announcements, top journal publications, thought leader comments, etc.
  • Dosing: all drug dosing calculations and drug interactions;
  • Education: courses in medical education with certificates to them;
  • Offline Access: all features that don't require constant update are available for downloading and further offline access.

2. Prognosis: Your Diagnosis

Rated 4.7 on Google Play, this app is basically a game. It offers you to make decisions which influence the clinical scenarios that you follow. What makes it especially valuable is that every step of every scenario is supplemented by a comprehensive discussion – all the arguments, all the pros and cons. Moreover, the cases are not imagined, they are all based on real-life cases of real life patients. The developing studio has actually hired over 100 practicing doctors to review the cases for medical accuracy – so that every case scenario that the user may encounter were as accurate as possible.

Its value for a medical student does not even need to be explained. A student can practice all he or she wants without reporting to anybody or – God forbid – harming anybody.

A new case is added every week.

3. St John Ambulance First Aid

This app is primarily designed for mass audiences, not only for medical students. It basically comprises all the first aid advice for all the possible cases that might occur. Its goal is to save the lives of those who could not wait for the ambulance to come. It is basically a catalog of first aid situations and protocols, packed with illustrations, voiced instructions and video guides.

Of course, it cannot replace the actual first aid training, but it can still save lives. It is better and consequently easier to install this app and have an idea what to do, should the situation occur, than just stand and watch a person in need of first aid without knowing what to do whatsoever.
This app can really make a critical moment less critical.

4. Diseases Dictionary Medical

4.3 stars on Google Play and over 1 million downloads. This app is exactly what you may think it is, judging by the name. It is a complete dictionary of medical diseases and conditions that fits in your pocket. It is originally meant to be used for self-diagnosis, but it has also proved to be useful as a reliable source of medical advice on conditions, diseases, and treatment.

Among the advantages of this app is the fact that it works offline. So, you do not even need an Internet connection to be able to enjoy this app's benefits. Should the Internet connection fail you for whatever reason, with this app you will still be able to look up symptoms, see what condition they may signify and how it should be treated?

5. PubMed Mobile

This is an app that will significantly facilitate your studies. This is an irreplaceable source of information on literature and publications on medicine. It gives you access to the PubMed database, and it's over 20m citations. You are welcome to search by your keywords or key phrases and to use quotations, as well as follow the links to full texts of the corresponding publications.

This app's search engine deserves separate mention. It is a smart search. There are options to customize your search. Besides, it saves your search history and adapts the results accordingly in the future.
There is also a pro version with extended functionality.

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