Free Wi-Fi Hotspots: What Is The Catch?

Free Wi-Fi Hotspots: What Is The Catch?
Convenience of free Internet access with various devices as smartphones, tablets and laptops has take1n us by storms. While having a coffee of lunch we all using free Wi-Fi hotspots available at any corner. Hotels, shopping malls , airports, coffee shops, restaurants – they all provide free Internet access and users are risking with their personal information while browsing the net and exchanging files.

Free Public Wi-Fi Hotspots Dangers

Frequently-visited locations with free Wi-Fi are the aim of hackers and snoopers who have the knowledge of intercepting private information stored on device or shared via Internet. Sensitive banking information, passwords, browsing history, business documentation are at great risk of exposing. Unsecured public Wi-Fi network does not require a password and provides poor security level, therefore, it is wise using VPN services to ensure online safety. Unprotected Wi-Fi network provides hackers with following information regarding user:
  • IP address and location;
  • Online search history;
  • Private emails and chats;
  • Sent and received files;
  • Passwords, etc.
With provider of Hotspot VPN free Wi-Fi is secure as its service encrypts Internet connection and makes this environment less dangerous. Reliable VPN makes it impossible for any third-party hacker or snoop to access users’ private data.

Perfect solution for Wi-Fi Hotspots

Users, who enjoy online safety should seriously consider addressing a VPN provider to use Wi-Fi Hotspots. Among most reputable and suitable for various devices are:
VyprVPN offers customer-friendly prices with CYPHR message encryption – all your private messaging will stay completely confidential. VPN provider has multiple servers that located in North America, Africa, Central America, Middle East, and Asia. Unlimited speed and server switching are ensuring great level of service. Using VyprVPN users will enjoy Wi-Fi hotspots and stay safe from snoopers and hackers;
  • PureVPN service guarantees safe visiting of streaming websites, blocked or banned websites, torrenting. Provider offers high level of protection against hackers so it is safe using public hotspots as your browsing history as well as ID are well hidden. More than 500 servers worldwide ensure unlimited number of switching and provide over 80000 IPs. PureVPN service allows using up to 5 devices simultaneously and uses PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and SSTP safety protocols;
  • NordVPN is well known due to strict no logs policy that guarantees great security level. This provider is perfect for desktop systems as Windows, Linux or OS X as well as with popular devices and mobile platforms: iOS and Android. With NordVPN online activities are encrypted so no one will learn your private secrets. Provider provides access to restricted files, blocked websites, allows download torrents and enjoy P2P. Users may be 100% confident in their safety while enjoying free Wi-Fi Hotspots.
Free Wi-Fi Hotspots: What Is The Catch?
Mentioned VPN providers are perfect for public free Wi-Fi as provide great level of personal data protection.
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