5 Apps that Will Help You to Survive Holiday Shopping Season

5 Apps that Will Help You to Survive Holiday Shopping Season
Don’t pay attention to various preachers and non-conformists – there’s nothing wrong in rewarding yourself from time to time through the magic of buying something you don’t need. What makes shopping for a poor choice of a regular hobby, though, is the fact that our funds are, in the end, very limited. So, what should we do when there’s so many interesting things to check out and not so many resources? You guessed it – we should download the app that can help us to find the best deal. Here are the top 5 choices.


With the impressive list of more than 50,000 supported retailers, RetailMeNot is an app that comes awfully close to having something for virtually everyone. You only have to enter the store you are buying in, and the app will generate a thorough list of online and in-store discounts you can use. However, that’s not all. RetailMeNot also allows you to redeem your coupons directly from your phone and sends you notifications when you are in the vicinity of a store that offers a good deal.


No matter which item you are searching for, the chances are you’re going to find it on Amazon. However, this endless list of available goodies is, at the same time, your biggest curse because if you want to find anything of value, you have to plow through tons of duds. Fortunately, you can always download Canopy and quickly look through unique lifestyle, home d├ęcor, fashion and other recommendation sections. Since the results are human-curated, you can always count on a healthy dose of common sense involved in the aggregation process.


Like many other coupon-based apps, Groupon started its journey as a cheap way to get a meal or a solarium session. However, as the list of supported services and discounts grew, the app became more versatile and useful as well. Today, Groupon allows you to browse tons of deals, ranging from vacation packages to bedroom furniture. What distinguishes Groupon from the competition is that you don’t even need to visit the third-party sites to get the items you need to your address.


There is something inherently nostalgic about scouring the shops with your hands full of holiday coupons and weekly fliers. Now, you can relive these warm memories, but this time you will look for the best shopping deals with your faithful smartphone. Essentially, Flipp behaves like an interesting half-breed. On the one hand, the app allows you to browse your digital flier library so you don’t have to carry huge amounts of paper with you. On the other hand, if you tap on an item from the flier/catalogue, Flipp will automatically add that item to your grocery list.


SlickDeals is a very powerful deals aggregator that covers huge variety of sources and puts the results on your touchscreen. The good news is that huge variety of sources covers literally everything ranging from groceries to clothing and home electronics. You can browse featured deals on the front page, look for the local deals, and search the products by categories. But the cherry of the top of this amazing product is definitely notification functionality that allows you to set up custom alerts for specific products. Are the deals slick? You bet they are.

We hope that these few apps will help you to survive the upcoming holiday season without creating a supermassive black hole that will suck out all life from your wallet and the bank account. Remember, shopping is good, but finding a good deal that will save you money is whole lotta better.

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