New Video Marketing Platform: Build Your Business With Instagram Marketing

Build Your Business With Instagram Marketing
Video marketing and the new Instagram features can be considered a match made in heaven. Instagram has evolved as a social media platform that is of prime importance to the marketing and advertising worlds. This is mostly because of its tremendous growth and near unlimited flexibility.

Did you know that along with the logo change, Instagram has made some changes that can help you in boosting your business? But, you need to have a proper video marketing strategy in place.

To aid you in staying up to date, we have created the following guide which tells you why and how you should market on Instagram. It also looks at how to adapt to the recent changes and excel at the same time.

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Why Video Marketing On Instagram?

Build Your Business With Instagram Marketing
(Instagram has witnessed tremendous growth in followers worldwide)

1) Enormous Increase In Instagram Video Posting

Image posts continue to dominate Instagram. But, changes are taking place swiftly with videos being a serious contender to image domination as video postings have increased.

2) Increase In Time Spent Viewing Instagram Videos

The daily interaction with videos is on the rise. Instagram videos can also act as a resource to analyze the engagement as all you have to do to check the view count.
Reports suggest that the first 3 seconds of a video are critical as leading social media websites like Instagram and Facebook tally a video count when a video has been viewed for 3 seconds.

3) Over 500 Million Instagramers

The numbers suggest that Instagram is the perfect platform that video designers have been looking for. Lately, video metrics have received a huge boost and brands will be looking to analyze engagement based on videos. These parameters can be used for devising marketing campaigns.

If you want to hit the target when it comes to videos, you could approach animators or creators as flawless videos will substantially help in showcasing your brand’s past. At the same time, your services and products will look more viable to the worldwide audience.

4) Drives Traffic

Instagram undoubtedly is one of the targets for social media marketers to drive traffic to respective websites. You can also embed a video link and attract users to your website.

Instagram Marketing Strategies For Every Business

The Instagram video marketing should go beyond posting on a weekly basis. If you want positive ROI, you should be tactical about the delivery of your videos. Adhering to the strategies listed below will be of great help.

1) Understand Your Audience

It is important to post content that portrays the interests and values of your target demographics. Also, post at times when your audience is the most active. This will help you achieve long-term Instagram success.

2) Consistency

Identify an aesthetic and stick to it. Post consistently to encourage and engage your followers making them wanting to come back for more of your content.

3) High-quality Videos Works Like A Charm

If the videos are visually captivating, then it is guaranteed to bring more engagement. So include videos that simply looks great.


Build Your Business With Instagram Marketing
(Example of a hashtag search)
Hashtags are the fuel for putting your videos on the engagement map. Search and explore for trending hashtags related to your business or industry. This way, your audience can quickly locate your channel. Using unique branded hashtags can also help in establishing an identity and driving conversations.


Partnering with influencers or hosting an Instagram takeover can drastically improve and expand your channel. You can also collaborate with popular content creators to make content exclusively for your brand.

New Features Of Instagram

1)New Video Length

It is said that videos with 30 to 60 seconds can attract the most engagement. Recently, Instagram made Video marketers worldwide happy by announcing that users can upload videos up to 60 seconds. The new video length does not harm the user experience and at the same time give creators enough time to communicate.
To keep it interesting, try not to push the whole idea at once in the video, instead, distribute it throughout the video as there is enough time. It will be a boon for old-school creators and marketers as a 60-second window is very similar to the commercial spots on television. The increased video length also gives enough time to improvise and implement an effective Call to Action or CTA.

2)Instagram Stories

Build Your Business With Instagram Marketing
(Instagram stories are a brilliant way to reach out to your target audience)
Instagram recently changed the feed algorithm. This way, the algorithm decides what will be of interest to the users worldwide. This might be a hindrance to your reach as your videos might not always feature on the feed.

But, the latest addition which is the Stories feature can aid in beating the algorithm. Instagram Stories which are similar to Snapchat Stories, let users post videos and photos that you can showcase for 24 hours. So if your short videos get choked by the algorithm, Stories can be of great help.

Brands can use the feature to show what happens behind the scenes, to introduce a takeover, to wish everyone for a national festival or celebration, to show vox pops or even for communicating to the audience through Q&A videos.

Videos will continue to thrive and develop resulting in more chances for marketers and creators to widen their reach. Metrics are important and analytics tools like Buffer or Hootsuite can help you in understanding your audience better and also present you with valuable insights to improve.

Expanding your follower base is another crucial factor for Instagram success, and iDigic followers can be of great help. Start implementing the tips listed above as being an early adopter will benefit your business hugely. Particularly at a time, when Instagram is bringing in new features.

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