7 Lesser Known Things About Siri: Hidden Story Of The Tech Changer

7 Lesser Known Things About Siri
In the world today, technology is changing at really fast pace. Almost every single tech service is molding or turning in a new way. A lot of new features and services are being offered to make life easier. In fact, a lot has been changed with the innovations done in Voice Command Technology. This technology has helped people to complete their work in much innovative and instant way. In fact, it has made the life of a common man easy and comfortable.

Apples’ innovative voice command technology platform Siri is one amongst the tech services, which has made numerous changes in the tech world. This is one of the most impressive features provided by any service provider today. If we talk about the numbers almost 98% of iPhone users have admitted that they use Siri. Despite overwhelming use and awareness of Siri, there are certain facts and services which are unknown to most of the users. We can discuss few of these facts and services here.
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Siri name:

It is the known fact that Siri name derives from Norwegian term, which means “beautiful woman who leads you to victory”. This name was suggested by former CEO of the company Dag Kittalaus, who wanted to name his daughter Siri. The lesser known fact about Siri is that it is used as shorthand for ‘Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface’, which describes its purpose.

It works hard to name you correctly: For those outlandish or unfamiliar names, you can instruct Siri to rightly pronounce your name. It understands your instructions and follows them to copy that same.

Morse Code:

have you ever wondered about ‘Morse Code’!! Well, Morse Code is an alphabet or code in which letters are represented by combinations of long and short light/sound signals. It generally transmits a signal of continuous dashes in Morse. You can learn new words in Morse code by asking Siri, “What’s Morse Code for ______?”

Offers better password: Do you feel worried about password security? Siri helps you to create a secure and strong password in an instant way. All you need to say is “Wolfram, password” and Siri will assist you to find 8-character strong password. Using this feature you can create an additional security wall to secure your important data.
7 Lesser Known Things About Siri

Post to Social Media accounts:

This feature helps you in your day to day life. It helps you to make a post on social media accounts. To make posts on your social media accounts like Twitter or Facebook say to Siri “Post to [Twitter or Facebook”]. Siri then asks you for your post comment. Dictate your post to Siri and it will confirm it from your before posting it on your account. This feature is available for Twitter and Facebook accounts only at present.

Keep a tab on calories intake:

Are you health conscious? Do you feel worried about calories intake all the time? Well, it’s time to take help from Siri. It can assist you to know calories count in the products you are eating. Simply ask Siri, “Siri, how many calories are in a ________?”. This way you can make your eating plan in a much better way to remain fit and active.

Search for Tweets:

Siri not only helps you to make a post on your Twitter account it also helps you to search for Tweets around. You can search for any Tweet related to any subject or person by instructing it to Siri. Simply ask “Search Twitter for [subject or person]”. Siri will immediately respond with a list of relevant Tweets, from users across the Twitter. This will help you to stay updated with the topics which are important to you. You can also get the information about recent changes and technology updates using this amazing feature.

Activate Siri instantly:

This is one amongst the features which is lesser to known to most of the users. In general, users activate Siri by pressing and holding the Home button on the iPhone. To make it simple you can toggle a feature called “Raise to Speak”. Once you activate this feature on your phone, Siri will be activated automatically once you put your iPhone to your ear. In case your phone is locked, you need to hit the button once to wake up the screen so that ‘Raise to Speak’ can work. To activate this feature on your iPhone visit Settings > general Settings > Siri > Raise to Speak. This feature will be deactivated when you are on a call.

When Siri is considered to be the life changing service, you can use these hidden features to make your life easy and comfortable. Above all, these features are related to your daily life thus making full use of these services makes complete sense.

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