5 Instances Where The Use Of Spy Software Is A Good Thing

5 Instances Where The Use Of Spy Software Is A Good
Whenever we think of spy software, we think of matters like the invasion of personal privacy, exploitation of personal belongings and the chance of someone disclosing your secrets. Essentially, what I am trying to say is according to numerous people, no one can give a positive spin to the word “spy”. But, even though a large amount of people are saying so, doesn’t really mean that it is true. The word “spy” can also be used in a positive sense in the following ways:

1. Monitoring Children

Today, we live in a world where children as young as four or five years of age are using electronic devices like smartphones and tablets to browse the internet for various reasons like watching videos and playing games. These two activities are seemingly pretty innocent but in the long run they become the root cause of many dilemmas. For instance, most of us download games onto our tablets and phones via Google Play or the App Store. These games, when they are free, force the users to sit through eons of advertisements. Now a child, who doesn’t know how to discern the good from the bad, may open one of these many advertisements, if they take a shine to it.

Such advertisements may lead them to vicious websites and then eventually to people who might potentially turn out to be paedophiles or registered sec offenders. Thus, with the use of spy applications, parents can easily monitor their child’s online activities and can also keep a close eye on who they are talking to and hanging out with. Additionally, if they have problematic and rebellious teens in the house, they can stay one step ahead of them before the veer off the tracks and fall down a deep and messy hole.

2. Monitoring Employees

Much like children, most employees too won’t do their job right unless they know that they and their various activities at their place of employment are being monitored around the clock. There have been many instances where employees make use of the company bandwidth and hardware for their own personal use. Such as, a woman in California, USA was caught buying and selling goods on an account she ran on eBay during office hours.

Therefore, by using spy software, companies can reduce such occurrences and ultimately improve employee’s work efficiency and increase the productivity of their business. Spy applications can also keep an eye on potentially threatening activities that an employee might indulge in that may result in a legal nightmare. Plus, spy software is very effective at keeping confidential information from getting into the hands of your competitors by keeping an eye on your employee’s call and emails.

3. Keeping Track Of Company Hardware

By using the “bugging” feature of spy applications companies can keep a keen eye on their hardware. From mobile phones to laptops to automobiles, in company’s eyes such assets are very important. Meaning? That when such devices are given into the possession of their employees, they are going to keep an eye of the said devices and by default on the employees. Most companies provide their clients with company hardware when they are working on an outdoor project to make sure that the devices are where they are supposed to be and that their employee is properly invested in the company’s project.

4. Prevent Cyber-bullying

Cyber-bullying is one of the major issues plaguing the world today. Countless children and teenagers are being cyber-bullied every single day and we adult don’t do anything about it unless the worst has already happened, i.e. the child is suffering from depression or has committed suicide. There is no bigger sorrow in the world when a young one is taken away from us all too soon and when the cause is a child just like him or her, it just adds to the misery. In the last decade or so, countless parents have blamed themselves and worked incessantly to make sure that no other parent has to suffer through what they themselves have. To aid them in their efforts, spy application help parents keep an eye on their children’s online interactions with their peers and other people and know if their children are being cyber-bullied and prevent the worst from happening. Spy software keeps an eye on every keystroke your child makes online as well as allows you a look onto their social media profiles, emails, chats, messages, IMs, etc.

5. Location Tracking

Before, cellular devices were used for the sole purpose of connecting with someone who was far away from you. But today, cellular devices or the newly dubbed smartphones mean far more than that. They have become an essential requirement for almost every single one of us, one that we cannot do without. Thus, losing such an item or getting it stolen is a nightmare most of us would want to shy away from. Here is where spy applications are quite helpful. Through the location tracking feature of most spy software, parents and company owners can not only keep an eye on the activities of their children as well as employees, but they can also retrieve the said items in case of loss or theft.

The Bottom Line

Just like two sides of any story or coin, there are two sides of the use of spy software too. One is the obviously malicious one and the other one stems out of care and self preservation. Thus, you can never negate the positive aspects of an application just because the world is filled with many sick minded people. Remember, a knife can used to cut vegetables to feed your family, or it can also be used to murder a person, depending on the kind of person wielding the said knife.

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