Most Popular iPhone Printing Apps

Most Popular iPhone Printing Apps
With our iPhones always in our pockets we make more snaps than we even realize. Some of us also use these for work and have their devices full of PDF documents. No matter what you use your iPhone for, a printing app is something you should have among the installed apps. This is quite useful for business with printing machines in the office that will allow you to connect to them via your iPhone. It saves you all the time you would use to transfer data from one PC to another. Still, it is necessary to choose the right printing app for you. Here are 5 most popular printing apps you will be able to find.

Epson iPrint

If you own an Epson printer this is the right app for you. At the beginning this app was restricted to printing only JPEG images. Now it allows you to print any Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents directly from your iPhone by using Wi-Fi network. You can also scan any documents or images and transfer them quickly to your iPhone. The app supports all the Epson printers from the Artisan, Workforce, Stylus and Stylus Photo series.

HP ePrint

This app allows you to connect your iPhone to a HP printer and print any PDF, MS Office documents as well as images and web pages. Besides the option to print documents from your iPhone, HP ePrint allows you to print directly from your e-mail. Another good thing about it is that HP printers have been installed at some public places and offer you a chance for a quick and cheap print. You can find these at certain stores, hotels and airports. This is a great option for those whose job includes a lot of traveling.

Canon Mobile Printing

We all know how many Canon printer there is out there, so having this app is a good choice. It allows you to print all the above-mentioned file types as easy as possible. Even though the interface is quite simple and easy to use, this app has many interesting features you have to try out. Of course, there is also the option to scan documents and images and send them to your iPhone.


PrntDirect is an app that allows you to connect your iPhone to any printer with wireless internet connection. It comes with an update that has to be paid. Once the update is installed you will be able to print basically any type of documents from your iPhone. It is quite a useful app since it allows you to print things like calendars and contacts from your iPhone. You can also use your iPhone to connect a printer to your Cloud account and documents directly from there.


This app comes cheaply and allows you to connect to any printer available. All you have to do is purchase the app and install a WePrint server on your device. With this app, you will be able to set a password and secure the server so nobody else but you can use it. The app is able to print any type of documents form MS office to images.

Other Innovations

Printing from your phone certainly is a real innovation in the industry but there are some other new trends worth taking a look at. 3D printing is something that caught much attention in the industry as well and something you might consider doing. Another popular trend is commercial printing. If you run a business you can contact a company that offers printing services and prepare promotional material for your customers.

You should choose a printing app for you iPhone according to the printer you have and the features you will need. All of the apps are efficient and easy to use. Besides printing from your iPhone you can consider using some of the other popular trends in the industry.

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