Google Adsense Approval's A to Z Guide For Beginners

Adsense Approval's A to Z Guide For Beginners
Google Adsense is the best monetization platform with top advertisers. It is the most powerful platform with top PDAs that can make you earn more money than any other ad network. So if you are looking for the best advertising network for your blog, go to Google Adsense. Now for all the bloggers who have just started their journey, it becomes very difficult to get approval from Adsense. Many of you can go to one place to another in search of answers and still not get approved. Well, here is a complete guide for beginners to make it much easier for the beginner there.

How And Why Are You REJECTED?

These are the most common causes and demands of AdSense, what happens when they reject a application.

1. Lack of substance - Your site does not have enough content for Google for audit.
Google gives considerable punishment and consideration on the merits before web log endure. In any case, the substance of the ineffective and have syntactic confusion, Google immediately discard the Web log.

2. Page Type / Design your online diary - What do you do if you get to a page on a full bright yellow with white contained therein, which has a huge catch of all? Yes, you click. Web logs, are not adequately described and visitors is difficult to understand, will be rejected Google AdSense for. You should have a decent plan that comforts the eye and perfect in his eyes.

3. There is no privacy policy, about us or contact us page - there are some pages that you have prior to use Google AdSense, just in case you need the recognition. These About Us, Privacy Policy and Contact. These pages give the impression that you are an expert and operate in accordance with the policies of Google.

4. The site do not agree with the strategies Google - there is a rich, special and meaningful substance, not physical activity, virtually without any substance page or customer experience through clear and terrible partnership route. Your site may be leading the movement through illegal sources, phrases or disordered site incorrectly coded normally bouncing.

Distributors cunning as you can to maintain a strategic distance from the traps of conventional applications to be aware of shortcomings ranges below.

Beneficiary / Contact Name

You should be able to get checks in the name of your application for AdSense. Applications your AdSense fragmented names will not be approved.

For Business Accounts

Enter a name association in the 'Payee Name'. Enter the person's name in your association, which deals with the page in the 'Contact' name.


Only applications AdSense with essential information postage will be approved. Ideally, if you give your full layout included as a significant part of the recorded data is available as below for your area.
  • Lane Guide (including house number, street name / number, level / Apartment)
  • City / Town
  • State / Region
  • Post Office
  • Nation / Territory
Require additional help round out your name and address? See the case here.

E-mail Address

E-mail address you enter will be used to login Sign in AdSense. You also receive all correspondence about your AdSense account at this email address, starting with your email confirmation. Therefore, do not forget to enter important place where you can get by e-mail.

In any case, that the e-mail address outside the base, you'll have to submit another application using your imaginary email address entered.

Construction / Hard To Site Navigation

Given the ultimate goal of the approval, your site must be delivered and literary contain enough material for our authorities to assess. Websites that are under construction, do not fit or have links do not work, they will not be approved. It would be ideal if you are sure that your application address is entered accurately.

Real Estate Website

You must have an entry for editing the HTML-code pages that you submit for AdSense. If a site that you do not own (for example,, you have the opportunity to put the AdSense code on the site and your application will not be argued that there is.

In some areas, such as China and India, which also require dealers belong to their destination within 6 months.

Not compatible Language

Unfortunately, AdSense is not yet available to all dialects. If you need a dialect of your site does not appear in our resume reinforced dialects, we can not support its use. Later, please contact the Communications released if AdSense is in their dialect.

So you need a full address and summarize what you need to do before you apply for Adsense. The real challenge for Blogspot bloggers, Google AdSense for some reason do not encourage bloggers BlogSpot. Prominent among the most widely recognized because bloggers get problems with the BlogSpot page rank. A simple way to getting your AdSense account Web BlogSpot blog one of the office space is torn, do e-mail and ask for expert account AdSense. It works in 70% of cases. However, in the case of what is possible in the chance that you do not have the money to spend on a room, this is a trap without you take into account your AdSense support zone

This is the main trap that you can use for your AdSense account stated Blogspot space quickly.

Just in case that your account does not have sufficient number of BlogSpot mail (if 5+), it is less difficult thing to get approval AdSense account. Just in case you have an individual space, and probably approved AdSense are high. There are numerous web administration, which give the names of the free area, and you will be extremely useful for you to get your Google AdSense account approved without much effort. One of the traps that have worked for me in the writing of the post season is to use the area for approval Adsense. Here I share my assistant regulated maturation bloggers by AdSense: Register yourself, go to the recruiting space. Select the name of the free zone, I recommend that you use the same name, the space you have in your Blogspot. This will give your blog to save a little help with the mark of his name. In fact, anywhere you are planning to move to WordPress, make sure you buy the names with BlogSpot or name of the current field.
Adsense Approval's A to Z Guide For Beginners
Here's a rundown of all the professional advice if you are in a hurry. Follow them and get approval quickly.

1. Do You Really Need A Blog Six Months Old?

NO! This is not true. Google has created policies to countries like India and China, their blogs have to be older than 6 months. But if you do well, it requires less than 6 months! Write quality, original and a sufficient number of posts.

Never copy the post. Always write your own articles, and put all their quality of work in it. You can explore on other blogs, but never copy someone else's work. Make sure you have more than 15 points within the main categories that cover the niche of your site. One of the most important steps to improve the ranking of your site in the search results Google, to ensure that it contains plenty of rich information that includes relevant keywords, used appropriately, that indicate the subject content.

2. Structure & Navigation Blog

Always use with a friendly user-friendly theme SEO for your site. Google wants your site is easily accessible by users. You need menus and right so that people can easily move in the space categories. Poor navigation makes it difficult for robots of Google, which immediately rejected by Google. 'It's hard to navigate the site' it is one of the template messages of disapproval by AdSense. In this case, you don't need to be a 'no sail', sorry.

Personally, I see no reason why the whole message to be listed on the main page. Only one, the first paragraph is sufficient (or the first two paragraphs), and it makes sense - if I want to read the entire article, I click on the headline and keep reading.

Less is more - if it shows portions of the article on the home page (not entire articles), the majority of it may be taken into account. Less than scrolling up and down will make your readers happy.

New 'after the jump' resume

3. Privacy & Files Sitemap

Their websites have privacy policies that users can rely on it and sitemap to Google Search. Both are very important. It's totally free and very necessary. Your privacy policy should include the third-party vendors, including Google, use cookies to serve ads based on previous user visits your site ads. Sitemap is a file that websites can list your site to tell Google and other search engines about the organization of your site content. Web crawlers for search engines, as Googlebot read this file to keep track of your site smarter.

In addition, the center can provide valuable metadata associated pages listed on this map, which is information on a Web page, such as when the page was last updated, how often do you change the page, and the importance of the page relative to other URL, the website.

4. Few Other Important Tips

  • Training Contact Us page.
  • Write articles of at least 500 words.
  • Add social buttons and widgets on your blog.
  • Always add tags and categories in your messages.
  • Do not use for adults.
  • Apply to the root domain.
It's right. If you follow all that there is 95% chance of your AdSense will be approved. Now Apply for Google Adsense here.

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  1. Google adsense approval is easy nowadays also, but many bloggers say it is hard. Why? Because they have not done what you have said in this posts.

    Language must be English only : I think this is wrong bro. Google AdSense supports publishers in several different languages.

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    1. Yeah! You are right. Adsense is approving on different languages, but possibility to approve with english language is high.

  2. Google adsense approval is easy nowadays also, but many bloggers say it is hard. Why? Because they have not done what you have said in this posts.

    Language must be English only : I think this is wrong bro. Google AdSense supports publishers in several different languages.

    Ashley Jones

    1. Yes! you're right. Google supports to different languages but chances become more with english.

    2. Yes, Ahmed is right. Adsense has an greater advantage if your blog is well structured or not. I even got my adsense account verified without no traffic to my blog. Great Sharing Bro. Keep it up.
      Roxy Chan
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    3. Yes! English is global. You have also highest chances to get approval of Adsense account if your blog is in English. Simply do blogging for passion, you will definitely get success.

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