Step-By-Step Guide On Adding Geolocation To Your Mobile App

Adding Geolocation To Your Mobile App
Nowadays finding your near and dear ones is pretty easy, all thanks to the trending geolocation technology. And you know what’s the best part: the location-based apps are found on every device, be it computing or mobile. Not to mention that these location-based applications have already redefined the way we shop, travel and get in touch with other people at a given point in time.

Now I am pretty sure that you must have heard about terms such as geolocation and global positioning systems (GPS) before. Well, both the terms are used to determine the current position of a specific device. It’s more like finding someone’s whereabouts using geographical coordinates. How is this possible, you must be wondering? Well, with the help of satellites, considering IP addresses, cell towers, and WIFI networks, anything is possible. Not just Uber, but several other countless businesses are found leveraging the location-based services just to enhance their venture to the next level.

The Use Of Geolocation Technology In The Mobile App Development Industry

We are going digital, no two ways about it! In fact, today people are no longer insecure about providing their vital information such as contact details or addresses to avail of better services via technology. Of course, I won’t get into every detail but geolocation technology plays a pivotal role here. It may quite interest you to know that the specific feature was first used in the year 2011. Can you recall the Pokemon Go phase? Yes, that’s it! After that, every industry started considering geolocation apps whether it's to book a cab or order food online or whatnot!

To be precise, geolocation technology has been considered as one of the best integration in a mobile application. This integration can be carried out in a mobile app with the help of development companies. It may be quite interesting to know that tracking devices using Bluetooth and Wifi has become pretty common these days. The overall market size is supposed to rise up to $100 + by 2027. And why not, since the post-pandemic, the rise of the 5G network, smart infrastructure has led to the sudden rise of the usage of GPS or location-based technology.

Which Type Of Mobile Apps Require Location-Based Services?

#1 Navigation Apps

Of course, navigation apps are a no-brainer! Whether it's a cab booking app, taxi booking app, or any kind of travel app, geolocation technology is something that must be taken into consideration here. Now what exactly does the technology do? Well, it assists end users in finding the best routes based on weather conditions, traffic jams, and signals for any damaged road conditions or blockages in real-time.

#2 Delivery Apps

Another type of mobile app that incorporates GPS services or technology is the delivery app. Any type of delivery app whether it's food delivery or grocery delivery, laundry, fuel delivery, etc. Here both the parties, service providers as well as end-users can track product/service in real-time. Not to mention that even during the pandemic, the delivery services were in demand multiplying sales and ROI, again thanks to the ever-evolving geological technology.

#3 Social Media Apps

Another type of mobile app that makes the most of geolocation technology is social media apps. Digital connections are no longer seen as a harm or threat. In fact, some of the large and trusted social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are found to gather people having the same interest by informing each other about their whereabouts. Dating apps like tinder can assist people in meeting their prospective partners according to their respective locations.

#4 Gaming Apps

Pokemon Go is one of the finest examples to consider when it comes to gaming apps featuring location-based services. The location-based game has earned millions of downloads and to be honest people all across the globe were found thoroughly enjoying the app.

#5 Health and Fitness Apps

Lastly, health and fitness apps such as Google fit can be used to monitor steps while you are walking or running, swimming or any activity done in a day. In addition, you can even track hospitals or pharmacists nearby during any emergency.

Benefits Of Incorporating The Geolocation Technology In Your Existing Mobile App

#1 Attract More Customers

One of the obvious reasons for doing so is that geolocation technology is totally in use these days! And it has become one of the most powerful weapons businesses must use to offer personalized services and offer a wow experience to the end users. So yes, more and more customers can be expected here. Keeping their current location in mind, retailers can offer relevant discounts, offers, that compel them to shop from your store.

#2 Data Collection and Precise Analysis Is Done

Another interesting benefit is collecting, storing, managing and analyzing user data with precision. Everything right from what they like or dislike, what interests them the most, what could be their major turn-off, all these details can be availed by using the geolocation technology.

Not to mention by gathering such data, business owners can successfully strategize their next move. On and all, these geolocation-based apps will surely boost your business venture in the long haul.

#3 Precise Tracking

Stating the obvious! Since geolocation technology is all about technology, tracking a product or any service, in particular, shouldn’t be a problem at all. However, did you know that the tracking facility is quite beneficial for business? Yes, try integration rating and reviews based on delivery time. If a food delivery app delivered items within the predetermined time or in prior, of course, this will enhance your image in the eyes of customers.

Also, the tech can suggest certain easy routes to those who are delivering products. So you can kill two birds with an arrow - enhance your service and win brownie points for your end users.

Of course, this is not it! Target advertising, delivery and asset management, customizing content, augmented reality, autonomous channels, detecting fraud, and real-time incident management are other crucial benefits offered by GPS technology. Further, I would like to mention a step-by-step guide to adding geolocation to your existing mobile application. Let’s get started!

How To Add Geolocation Technology To Your Existing Mobile App?

Step 1 - Research Well

One of the obvious things or the obvious procedures to take into account is to conduct precise market research. No matter whether you are developing a navigating app or any other kind of app, there is no point in developing one if you are not well-acquainted with the existing market dynamics. For starters, think hard about exactly what type of app you are craving for? And once you have figured that out, try conducting a deep market analysis, and check out what’s happening around, especially among your competitors.

Conducting relevant research is the only way out to ensure that what you are doing is absolutely right. Check out the popular apps created within your category and see what’s so mesmerizing about them. Note down what’s yay and what’s Nah among those and ensure that you are making the most of the research.

Step 2 - Choose A Reputable Tech Partner

Of course in today’s times where you have a plethora of options available, finding a reliable tech partner becomes extremely important. After doing enough research and being precise with your requirements, it’s time to find a reputable mobile app development company that carries an immense amount of experience and expertise in offering the best possible solutions from their space.

Also, do check whether the shortlisted companies have prior experience in developing such geolocation apps or not.

Step 3 - The Price

Of course, this is not supposed to be your first and last project, so make sure you don’t end up spending extravagantly. Keep cost in mind throughout the entire app development procedure. Unfortunately, business owners especially the non-techies choose their partners nearby without considering the financial means. Therefore, we have the option of outsourcing development services or choosing a reliable offshore mobile app development company.

Final Word

The demand for Location-based apps or geolocation technology is not going to slow down any time soon. So what you need to do is determine your core objectives and choose a reliable mobile development company that offers the best possible services when it comes to developing geolocation apps. Not to mention, your one decision will open many doors and opportunities in future.

I hope you enjoyed reading the post! Please help us in spreading the word among your peers. I have made myself pretty clear with the geolocation concept, in case you still have any doubts or queries, feel free to mention that in the comment section below.

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