5 Business Ideas For People Who Love People

5 Business Ideas For People Who Love People
Some might argue that we cannot box people into reductive categories of "extroverted" and "introverted," but we cannot deny that some of us love people more than others. And when it comes to considering sources of income, we need to find the ones that will help us play to our strengths and thrive.

If you are someone who thrives on compassion, good relationships, and being around people, here are some business ideas you might want to consider.

Home Care Facility

If you also have a degree in nursing or other related fields, why not start your care facility? If the global health crisis has taught us anything, it's that the world of healthcare can collapse at any point, regardless of how developed a nation is. We never know when a demand surge might occur and if our systems can handle these surges.

If caregiving is second nature to you, consider starting a care facility and partnering with a home care marketing solutions firm to find the best niche for your expertise. If another version of COVID-19 comes around, then there needs to be a safe place for the vulnerable-the elderly, the immunocompromised, the disabled, and others. There will always be demand for businesses like this because there will always be seniors and sick people who need care, and those who love being around people might be uniquely positioned to help supply this demand.

Event Organizer

If you also have aType Apersonality besides being extroverted and compassionate, consider starting an events-organizing company. People with a Type A personality usually possess the following traits:
  • Highly organized and systematic
  • Thrives in an urgent and stressful work environment
  • Competitive in nature
  • Associates achievement with their self-worth

While people may view some of the above characteristics negatively, they can be incredibly beneficial in high-energy and high-stress situations like running corporate events or big gatherings. Type A people also have a propensity for leadership, so if you enjoy directing people and supervising them in high-stress environments, then consider starting your event or party-organizing firm.

Especially now that the world is opening up again, people are much more likely to want to celebrate their big milestones. With companies wanting to meet up corporately once again, there is surely a market and a demand for highly-organized people who can pay attention to the smallest details of their parties and events to focus on entertaining their guests.

Counselor or Therapist

Introverted people tend to find socialization energy-draining, and those who are more on the extroverted side of the spectrum love talking with others, connecting, and meeting new people. While introverted people may also make good counselors and therapists (because they are good listeners by nature and prefer deeper connections instead of fleeting and shallow ones), extroverted people may also make thrive as counselors or mental health professionals because it's also about creating a good rapport with patients or clients.

If you are on the extroverted side, consider specializing in group therapy. Your unique skill set may be needed to help small group members make meaningful connections, and your extroversion might help patients or clients feel more at ease in a small group setting.

Insurance Agent

Another type of business that might be good for people persons is selling insurance. Being an insurance agent requires meeting lots of people at any given time and being ready to present the different types of insurance that customers can purchase. Being an extrovert often means being energized and excited by the prospect of making new connections, so you might not have a problem explaining policies even when a meeting is unexpected. Moreover, insurance agents often have to attend big events where they have to network with others, so it's a win-win for aspiring entrepreneurs who love being around new people.

Tour Guide

If you have a knack for memorizing, or love history and remembering important parts of a place or culture, consider being a tour guide, especially if you live in a tourist-heavy city. Being a people person means you are less likely to be shy about the idea of being in the center of attention, and you can help make tourists' trips in your town so much more memorable, too.

If you love people-being around them and caring for them-don't hesitate to explore business opportunities where you can utilize this trait. See it as an opportunity that could change your life. It's a gift and a skill you can leverage not just to help others but to create income for yourself, too.
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