Why Twitter Should Be Part Of Your Marketing Strategy?

Why Twitter Should Be Part Of Your Marketing Strategy
There are a variety of ways to get your brand name out - the Internet, ads, billboards… and Twitter? Yes, the micro social media site, with all of its 280 character Tweets, is something that you should seriously think about creating a profile on.

You want to get real Twitter followers - and you should also dig deeper into why this would be an excellent addition to your marketing strategy.

You Can Hone Your Brand

Here is a perfect way for you to display what you are all about. You can do everything from highlight upcoming sales to testimonials about your products. There are a lot of things you can pack into those 280 characters - and you can include in-house images or commercial ones.

Don’t make it a one-dimensional, one-sided thing where you only tweet self-promotional things. Of course, you want to get your message out, but show some humanity and maybe make some clean jokes. That way, people will want to follow your feed and see what you have to say.

You Can Find Your Target Market

Take a look around Twitter. One thing you can do to reach people is to include hashtags that are relevant to what you are doing. Potential customers can then search for those hashtags and then find you.

Be careful when doing the hashtag game, though, since you don’t want to spam unrelated hashtags. That will irritate people more than anything and have them wind up ignoring you rather than having their interest piqued at all. Stay on message.

You Can Interact With Your Customers

One thing that can improve your customer standing is to be responsive. Many like the ability to send a Direct Message about a question or problem instead of having to wait for a long time on the phone. If you can quickly respond, they will appreciate that.

By breaking down this wall, it can make the customers feel like they are being heard instead of being talked at. This is one thing to add to your marketing rotation.

The thing you need to avoid, though, is getting too personal. Keep your tweets focused on your niche and professional interactions. Tweeting about things like politics can be alienating… unless that particular thing also affects your own business.

Twitter has been a great way to get your message out to people in short bursts throughout the day. If you use it properly, then you can continue to reap the rewards of using this social media app.
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