How Do I Get My Website On Google Discover?

How Do I Get My Website On Google Discover
When you create a web site, one of the things you want to do is rank high in searches, preferably the first one or very close to it. People tens to click on the very first result. So you want to set yourself up there.

Here are several ways for you to get your website on Google Discover:

Make Sure That You Have It Optimized For Mobile

More and more people are using their phone to search for things. That means that you want to make your site very mobile-friendly. The easier it is for them to get onto your webpages, the better it will be for you.

Google will love this too, since it will be easier for them to crawl the page, what with smaller resolution images and faster loading times. They will be able to tell if the site is worth ranking higher than others.

Have A Lot of E-A-T Content

Google wants to give the most authoritative reply to any search query. You want to be that authority - and it all boils down to Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T). Getting this status can be done in a variety of ways.
  • Always make sure your information is accurate. If not, you will lose credibility when it comes to Google Discover.
  • Position yourself as an expert. Do you have credentials in the niche? Then furnish them.
  • The trustworthiness comes from ensuring that certain topics like medicinal information are true. Otherwise someone could get hurt if it is not.

Write About Certain Topics

There may be certain things out there that you are an expert in and it might be deemed “low competition” since there might only be a few results… like maybe a forum. If you can write a really strong post about it, then Google might put you at the very top.

Just write very narrowly and concisely in a way that best answers the question.. but also leaves room for people to explore your site more. You might do something like link to another blog post of yours in the same niche.That way, you can get more views on a variety of topics.

These are just several of many other ways to help ensure you get a great ranking with Google Discover. Doing research will uncover other methods. Then you can use them to have a successful site.
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