Why Online Marketers Love WordPress?

Why Online Marketers Love WordPress
WordPress is being the popular Content Management Platform is known by many, and all newbie bloggers start off their journey in the Content World through WordPress. Initially, it was launched off as a Blog tool for multiple blogger communities which later on transformed into a content management system. Being an online marketer, you can’t ignore its endless possibilities. Why?

Many high executives state if you use any other CMS within your corporation then you should consider and focus on WordPress as it’s a hub of evolving innovation. Imagine 500 websites being created on a daily basis on WordPress as it’s the driving force to market your content efficiently.

The blog will tell you why a digital marketer would want to include WordPress in your daily routine and benefit from it.
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WordPress Changing the Way Websites Function

For 13 years WordPress has catered to the way businesses are done and evolved to reach content marketing goals. Numbers show since March 2016 WordPress is the most used CMS catering to 26.4% of the web globally and it's still counting. If you’ve been around for some years in the Digital Market, then you would remember the venture you were involved in. Back in those days, the aim was on choosing the best technology which was supposed to direct the designer and developer at the planning stage of the marketing.

Thanks to WordPress, Online marketing has changed the way content creation is done. As a Digital online marketer, useful tools are a necessity to launch a website from scratch which WordPress provides.

Why Online Marketers Love WordPress?

Comprised of an Upgraded Platform:

Like all businesses or systems, WordPress also faced a backlash creating a very bad reputation when it led to potential security solutions for online marketers, complimenting it's not meant for professional projects. Then again, those were the bad days. Till now WordPress has evolved things to an extent even the famous Microsoft uses WordPress for its subsidiary parts of its website (The Enterprise Website).

Fascinating isn’t it? Go to the WordPress Showcase to see the number of brands which are currently using WordPress.

Support For WordPress Available From Established Tech Companies And Startups:

Speaking of a new analytic software being created, or a new social network app which comes to market making the fundamental design principles of the websites change. It will access you to adapt your WordPress website to the latest trendings. The platform is designed in a way you can do a lot in a matter of clicks.

Overall you don’t have to be a techno-geek to know how the spheres of WordPress works, but when it comes to managing a hosting account, you require hosting for WordPress. With WordPress Hosting you won't have to look out for technical work, while you focus entirely on other aspects.

Importing And Exporting Content Is Efficient:

Other Content Management Systems may seem challenging to operate or adapt to. With WordPress, it’s a walk in the park making migration easier from other platforms such as Joomla, Tumblr, and Drupal. On the other hand, you can receive guides on how to bring your content to WordPress.
Why Online Marketers Love WordPress

Search Engine Optimization And Social Web Incorporation:

Publishing more and more content on WordPress won’t lead to more traffic or your content being ranked higher. But it is the Google-optimized Con Content Management System which permits you to smoothly create categories of pages for multiple topics on which you hope to be ranked.

Posting Content on social media mediums is above par while allowing your beneficiary readers to share content on social media with side by side receiving analytics within the WordPress dashboard to make your marketing easier than ever before.

Supporting Community:

There’s more to WordPress on the blog but are you still having issues figuring the basics? OR Functions? Well, don’t strain yourself and type in WordPress.org. The website contains the support Forum where you will come across multiple experienced professionals who will guide you with answers you seek not find. It's more for those who lack coding skills or are not familiar with it but are willing to customize WordPress.

Mobile Support:

While things have gotten mobile WordPress kept being available on different platforms to cater to the user's needs. However the users used WordPress, the creators provided that path. Among the traditional apps, Android and iOS apps of WordPress support content creation, checking of statistics and comment moderation while being on the move. Also, it integrates into your existing system to manage all your content. For example, you can connect with the Business Communication App Slack within WordPress.

In a Gist

WordPress is for everyone. It's free of cost making it available for anyone, whether a start-up or an experienced business. It facilitates online marketers to keep updated with the latest plugins and themes and allow them to swiftly change their feeds accordingly.

Due to the reasons mentioned above WordPress is loved and appreciated by many professionals and even amateurs who want to thrive in the digital world.

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