Which Smartphone Best Suits Your Life?

Which Smartphone Best Suits Your Life?
You can’t go a day without seeing advertisements for the latest mobile phones and why you should buy them, but is that brand best suited for what you would use it for? There’s only so much a mobile phone advert will tell you, for features like the shape, mobile app development and operating system you need to explore the web more or even go and view the phone in a shop. Here is a list of the top brands to look out for in your research and why you should or shouldn’t consider them.
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for the past 10 years Apple’s iPhone has been one of the most popular brands to select and for good reason, their innovation in touch screens, touch ID and personal assistant (Siri) has left them as a constant talking point and more importantly it's useful.

More recently features such as Apple Pay has given the ability for customers to safely pay for products in local stores without the use of money or bank cards. If you’re looking for a guaranteed easy-to-use phone that has a well-built body iPhones are perfect. Apple can occasionally limit their customers, to sync your computer to your phone iTunes is required, and in recent years Apple has opted to remove the universal headphone jack from their iPhones. Which is great for those who plan on moving with the times and buy wireless earphones, but most headphones aren’t compatible without an adaptor.

A debatable point about iPhone’s is the antivirus software, its built in and gives the user the peace of mind that the phone won’t become damaged by questionable software. But this argument can be used in the opposite, Apple has limited what a user can do with their phone and it becomes less customizable. The iPhone X has been released marking the 10th anniversary of the brand and with it comes a screen that completely covers the front of the phone, visually brilliant to look at and comes with additional benefits for users.


The biggest competitor to the iPhone is the Samsung Galaxy range. Samsung is very competitive with the technology development and iPhone even copied some of their popular releases, like the release of a larger phone for users who want a bigger screen. Samsung’s range is much larger than the iPhones, they offer a lot of different phone for users with different price ranges to spend in mind.

A key point with Samsung is they don’t make their mobile software themselves, it uses Android a high-quality software designed by Google. Some users prefer this but others think it makes it too similar to other phone brands and means you’re just buying Samsung for the hardware. The benefit of Android is that most features of the software are customizable and for those with more of a “tech mind” it’s a big benefit.


Like Samsung Sony uses the Android operating system, meaning Sony can focus a lot more on the body of their phones. Their premium choices are waterproof and use gorilla glass to avoid the screen breaking as easily, these were features that made Sony a key competitor, bit in recent years’ other phone brands have been adding these durable factors to their phones also. Sony range in media and technology still makes their phones a good choice, with systems such as speakers, TV’s, the PlayStation and tablets, Sony’s range is all in sync and work well with each other.


Blackberry has been very quiet in recent years, as reliable as their phones were, they weren’t competing well as a smartphone and the Blackberry’s operating system wasn’t of the highest grade. In 2017, they released a new phone called the KeyOne, which its biggest feature was the changeover to using Android OS to make the phone smoothers and user-friendly.

Blackberry has made another good choice with this phone also, they have kept to their roots of a physical QWERTY keyboard on the phone for users who prefer a true keyboard, this could be the right choice. It’s been well received in reviews, for having premium physical design and using a secure software. It still leans more towards being a business phone and does lack in the entertainment and media aspects.

Google Pixel

The company that has been making most of these phones operates flawlessly. Google now offers the Pixel phone which has released its second generation. The Pixel runs perfectly with Android and they even keep some extra features for the Pixel that you won’t receive with other android phones. The most notable feature of the phone is its camera, it’s taking almost professional pictures with its camera and with tough competition in the industry it’s a big achievement. To complement the amazing pictures is a screen to view them on, the OLED screen offers crisp colours and is one of the best screens on the market.

These brands all offer a premium version of the phone but also a budget version if you’re not looking for all the bells and whistles. With mobiles phones whilst reading about the brands and what each phone can offer you will help, going into a store or looking at a friend phone will be the biggest impact on your choice, most people know what they’re more comfortable with. There’s no truly wrong choice but for some people there can be a better choice to suits their needs.

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