Should You Trust Cheap Phones For Extreme Work Environments?

Should You Trust Cheap Phones
The major drawback associated with the modern smartphones that most of us own is shattering of its screen due a minor fall. The risk is even greater if you are employed in an extreme work environment. Although there are certain protective measures i.e. screen protectors and pouches available, which you can take to protect your screen even they do not guarantee fool proof security. A common option that many people consider is to opt for cheap phones for extreme work environments.

Compact Body

There have been stories on the internet about these cheap rugged phones surviving great accidents. The reason behind their survivals is the heavier body. Most of the smartphone makers today, in order to give the users a lightweight experience, neglect this aspect and the result is hundreds of dollars going down the drain due to one minor fall. Moreover, apart from screen damaging, modern smartphones require extra protections as they are fragile and a small scratch on their body can deteriorate their value. It may not always be the case though, as it depends on the intensity of the accident or the surface where the phone has fallen, but it is still a risk.

Battery That Keeps On Giving

Another reason why cheap phones make for an excellent option for extreme work environments is their enhanced battery timing. Where an Android smartphone or any other modern gadget requires to be charged after a use of merely few hours, a rugged phone can survive for days even without charging.

At The End You Get What You Paid For

With certain advantages cheap phones, also have some disadvantages as well. The major one is the limitation in their functionality. Some of them can only be used for calls and/or text. On the other hand, modern smartphones can perform a variety of functions for you and can be used for gaming/entertainment purposes as well. However, it isn’t a wise idea to risk your hard earned money that you had invested on your phone for merely entertaining yourself at the workplace. Chinese phones make for one popular choice if you want to enjoy the entertainment feature of the smartphones. They can provide you almost all the features that are available with the smartphones. However, the quality, shelf life, and user experience is definitely lower but the fact that you can get them at cheap rates and it wouldn’t hurt if they are broken or damaged, they can be a good choice to be used for the extreme work environment.

To Sum It Up

Cheap phones are most definitely trustworthy for extreme environments. They have certain disadvantages associated with them but on the whole, they can definitely come in handy if you are employed at a workplace with severe conditions and do not want to risk your expensive phone. There are plenty of websites and stores that are offering cheap phones and especially rugged phones at cheap rates, you can get the one which you feel fits your need and bid adieu to the worry of damaging your new and expensive smartphone.
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