The Secret Behind Infographics - A Unique Way of Connecting with Customers

The Secret Behind Infographics
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Although content adamantly remains the king of all things marketing, it’s also true that this particular aspect of your strategy is prone to sudden and complex changes. Blogs may be and may have started out as the go-to content format for most companies, but they have come a long way since their inception. We won’t even get into the diverse nature of video content, animated content, and other visually-appealing formats that have become more prevalent today than ever before. In the spirit of retaining the informative value of blogs and utilizing the appeal of visuals, infographics have emerged as one of this era’s most beloved content formats.

This refers both to customers and marketers alike, since the former adore infographics for their convenience, while the latter use them to improve engagement rates and ensure better content relevance for their campaigns. All in all, when used properly, infographics can become your own brand’s key resource for educating and enticing your followers to connect and engage with your brand. Here are a few key tips to achieve maximum results with your infographics.

Highlighting Research And Data

Yes, practically anything can become an infographic. You can transform a tutorial blog post or a simple how-to guide into an image-rich infographic, you can list out key points of your opinion-based blog, but most of all, you should strive to use numbers in your infographics.

Statistics drastically improve the value of your content, especially when you use the latest, most customer-relevant data. Add these numbers to further support your claims, and your infographic will become all the more viral for it.

Branding Done Right

Your brand’s tone of voice should be at the very core of your entire content strategy. Plus, infographics thrive on creativity and allow you to use various colors, characters, fonts, and the like. What matters here is using your brand’s visuals much like you use your brand’s voice to design your infographics successfully, increase brand recognition, and make your content stand out.

To achieve that, many brands work with experts such as Infostarters for infographics creation so as to preserve their identity in the process of transforming written content into visuals. That includes careful usage of the brand’s color palette, the brand’s key font from the website, and visuals that correspond to the brand’s personality. Such a process ensures memorability and helps boost brand recognition across all channels where you share your content.

Include Relevant People

Do you perhaps collaborate with influencers in your niche? All the better for your infographic content! You can and should mention them in your infographics to enhance the shareability of your writing, and to get more people to your site in the process. Plus, when you collaborate with influencers to create content, infographics included, then you can entice them to share it via social media and get better visibility.

References Matter

Since infographics are often used to highlight certain data, the latest research in your industry, and similar information, you need to make sure your readers know exactly where you’ve found this data. This improves your reputation, ensures that you are considered a trustworthy leader, and gives your readers additional resources to look through, to confirm your findings and educate themselves further.

The key to credibility lies in those references: your statements and claims can only be as valid as the data you use to back them up, so make sure you always rely on trusted resources and cite precise studies you’ve used in your content.

Don’t Forget Optimization

Your infographics are not your typical blog post, easy to optimize simply by sprinkling a few keywords around – since search engines perceive and rank them as images, you need to go above and beyond to follow image-related optimization rules to make them count. Sure, yes, use keywords in the alt text and throughout the copy, but make sure that the infographic itself is fast to load, and easy to view on any device.

Name your image file correctly, since Google will also scan this part of the content to check how relevant it is. Now, the heading of your infographic might not be “crawlable” since it’s part of the image, but you can use the same title above the infographic itself, to provide search engines with a little extra “substance” to rank you better.

Aim For Originality At All Times

It’s not just to appease search engines and their algorithms, but it’s also about ensuring that your audience can recognize your brand voice impressing them with every sentence that lives through your infographics. The key quality of each infographic you craft should be its originality of content. That means that you’ll retain your brand’s voice, ensure recognition and memorability, and above all, give a unique standpoint and a view that will be considered a valuable contribution – not just repetitive content and fluff.

Repurposing blog in this form is perfectly acceptable, and repeating certain information about relevant topics is also expected, but it’s vital to stay original in the way you deliver said content, otherwise your infographic will be just another pile of words your customers will forget before they finish reading it.

Infographics have all the potential to become your ideal source of engagement, but they will also allow your brand to earn more authority in your industry and enhance your presence in search engines. It’s a multiple win on all the various fronts, and much like other content formats, it contributes to your content diversification efforts. While this form does have all of that potential, you need to make sure you approach the creation of infographics with care and creativity, and only then can you expect the results to ensue.

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